Black Panther: Don't let identity politics ruin this movie.

Saw an article condemning Black Panther for not having enough LGBTQ representation in it. Really people?

If you came in expecting Black Panther to be about anything other than Black People, I don't see much hope for you because you've clearly lost touch with reality.

I say this after seeing an Interesting article in Breitbart pointing to an article , yes this is an article, where someone said that the "LGBTQ" community was underrepresented in a movie called "Black Panther".

Is this really news that some person had the audacity to make such a claim? Do we really need to report on the lunacy of a person who is so out of touch with reality, that they'd be bold enough to critique a movie called "BLACK PANTHER" for it's lack of inclusion of LGBTQ...

No, it's gossip news and it dumbs you down for buying into it.

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Haha, this was great. Love your approach.

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Haven't personally seen it but don't they have better talking points like was the film any good at all? SMH