Believing the economy is ‘STRONG’ is fools gold we must not buy

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Donald Trump is doing much of what Reagan did if not on steroids. Americans are being hoodwinked into believing that the current economy is real and sustainable. Math will prevail, and a bad crash and social program disruptions are on the horizon. Here is why.

It is hard to believe that the mainstream media continue to tout the top line numbers of the current economy. It is essential that we go much more in-depth. In my book, "As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom," I explained the smoke and mirrors Ronald Reagan used to give the semblance of prosperity funded by irresponsible tax cuts and Keynesian spending.

Not unlike Reagan, Trump has a sugar-coated boost built on top of a solid Obama economy. It was refreshing to read Robert Freeman's Common Dreams article "The Market Weighs in on Trump's Economic Policies."

> The almost 1,400 point, two day drop in the Dow was the market putting its money where its mouth is on Trump’s economic and trade policies.  Like so much else that is of Trump, it’s ugly.

> Just as Trump was gifted $400+ million dollars from his father and claimed to be a Self Made Man, so, too, he inherited an economy and stock market from Obama that had been rising for the prior eight years, since March 2009.  In true Trumpian fashion, he claimed to have created the greatest economy of all time.

> In truth, the whole of Trump’s economic policy has been a massive injection of debt into an already healthy economy. His tax cuts for corporations and deficit spending for military expansion have added more than $2 trillion to the national debt in just two years.  It’s like injecting adrenaline into an already healthy runner in the middle of a marathon.

> That’s all the Trump economy is: borrowing trillions of dollars from the future, spending it today, and pretending to be a genius.

Donald Trump, Right Wing Media, and to some extent the mainstream media continue to tout the economy. Americans tend to take things at face value especially when coming from this many sources. It is not clear that Democrats have been framing the message as easy as it should be. I wrote the following in my article titled "Is the Blue Wave in the bag? Keep the Houston Oilers & Buffalo Bills in mind."

> Republicans should be entirely on the defensive on health care, a booming economy for the few, a tax cut that will force the reduction of Social Security and Medicare, the poisoning of their base with deregulations,  low unemployment with no post-inflation wage gain, and much more. But they are building a clear message. In politics, one must put the opposition on the defensive first. Remember the phrase, "If you are explaining, then you are losing."

> Republicans are starting to build a cohesive, message that ALL Conservative & Right Wing Media, politicians and pundits are rolling off of their tongue ad nauseam. And they are doing it in a conniving manner. ...

> It is still not too late. However, anyone who remembers the Buffalo Bills comeback on the Houston Oilers should have pause. To date, it is still the largest comeback in NFL history. Democrats could themselves make history if they don't fight as if they are ten points behind. They must put Republicans on the defensive making them defend the ACA/preexisting conditions sabotage, unheard-of deficits, poisoning of their constituents with deregulation and much more. Democrats must be directing the narrative on the issues that will help all Americans in their daily lives. They must not allow Republicans to put them on the defensive on lies using smoke and mirrors as their method of deflection. It is time to win once and for all.

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I happen to agree with Jon. Plus, any future problems with Social Security and Medicare have nothing to do with the tax cuts, as they are funded payroll taxes. However, I much prefer the tax plan I proposed in Politics Beyond Left and Right. And I know you would like my plan better, too. In the near future I will address one of the biggest problems with our tax code - one that both the democrats and republicans are afraid to address.

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


You''re a good guy Egberto but I just can't let some of your comments go by without some facts. The Obama Administration was admirable in helping the economy and confidence of the stock market initially following the Great Recession. However, they presided over the worst recovery following a recession in U.S. history. More people of working age were out of the labor market in many many years- 94mm. It's a fact that business and markets respond to optimism. That's why the markets surged following Trump's election. Ask all of the people that are employed and finally beginning to see increased wages if it's "Fools Gold." It's no accident that markets went up and unemployment fell as businesses began to see a break from the regulations that were piled on during the Obama years. You are right about one thing though - Obama's extra trillion of debt combined with what Congress has done under Trump (another trillion) will take us to the poor house. It's time for some fiscal responsibility. And please do not revert to the tax cut argument either, the tax cuts under Trump have led to record high government collections. It's not about the taxes, it's about the spending.