An Angry Letter to Chuck Schumer

Subject: When You Throw Hillary Clinton Under the Bus

You Throw Millions of Her Supporters Under It Too, Especially Women.
Dear Senator Schumer:

Evidently you have decided that the key to rebuilding the Democratic Party is to ride the “popularity” of Hillary Clinton hate. Sure, that may be popular to Bernie Sanders’ hardcore supporters and the white middle-American men you wish to court. But you know who that’s extremely unpopular with? Democrats — people like me who have always voted for the Party, volunteered, and given money. It seems you are only interested in getting on board people who hate the Democratic Party, and not keeping those who have been with it in a stalwart way, and strongly with the 2016 nominee.

I speak for millions of women (who were ignored by the media in the last cycle, and who have not been heard other than in the popular votes in both the primary and general), who were thrilled to vote for HRC. We were thrilled because of her positions, her incomparable experience and yes, that she would break the hardest glass ceiling. The fact that the historic first woman major party presidential nominee has been torn apart as “the worst candidate ever” in a way no man has ever been, has been painful in a personal way. And now, OUR OWN PARTY IS DOING THE SAME?! We feel utterly demoralized.

Unfortunately, you are following the lead of Bernie Sanders whose outreach on behalf of the Party is “Democrats suck.” That is not a winning pitch, other than for him. I understand the urgency of having a more cohesive and strong economic message, as well as boosting support, but how about surrounding it with an overall positive message by going straight to the plans that the Democrats have and what the Democrats have and are fighting for? Must you do an anti-sell with the sell? And by the way, it is not a good idea to go down the Sanders road of how to pitch the Party. He is not interested in that. He is playing both sides of the fence — keeping ties to Democrats while insulting the Party and the “establishment” to boost himself.

Did you see the Women’s March, the biggest one-day protest ever? Have you noticed that it is overwhelming women making the calls to Congress? The data shows that women are the energy. And we supported her! If you are feeling a dissipation in energy for the Democrats specifically when it should be exploding, maybe it is because you, Bernie Sanders, even Joe Biden have bashed Hillary Clinton and her supporters by association. Stop doing this to the engine off your Party. Maybe you can find a way of expanding your support without trampling on us, your base. You would think you would want to tap our energy instead of throwing shade and throwing us under the bus too.


Postscript: Reading this over, I realize that saying, “I speak for millions of women” may have been a tad presumptuous. I bet you didn’t know I was the elected spokesperson for “millions of women.” Not thousands. No. Millions.