A 22-year-old kid gave this old activist a boost and faith in the youth

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I was sitting in my 2nd office, Starbucks, putting my book As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom at my website so folks can eventually subscribe to read it online (a well-intentioned gimmick to help support Politics Done Right). And yes, I intend to continue supporting my local Starbucks and other coffee shops irrespective of Howard Schultz given the good people young and old working there. We, activists, are working to recover what billionaires and the wealthy legally extorted from us.

Anyhow, I posted the following on my personal Facebook page that generated some great civil discussions. You should check it out and say your piece.

A 22-year-old Kingwood kid just made my day and he likely does not even know the boost he gave me.
I was sitting at the table blogging at Starbucks when a regular comes up to ask me the daily question. He asks me what I am blogging about. I told him I am posting a blog from a guy I recently interviewed about capitalism vs socialism. The patron said, "Count me out of that democratic socialism thing. I like capitalism." This guy is on social security and Medicare. I asked him if he likes Social Security, Medicare, and roads. "Of course," he replied. I asked him if he would like them to be better. He said he did. I told him that he likely is just like me. He said no and walked off.
I could see the young man across from me listening attentively. I asked him what he thought. At first, he did not want to get into it. I figured (why one should not assume), a Kingwood kid, he is going to start the standard prose. Well, he did but not one I would have expected.

He said rightfully there are flaws in all systems. But he acknowledged how bad our economic system has become for the average person. He served the country for 3 1/2 years right out of Kingwood High. His healthcare ended the day he stepped out of the military. He gets help for 3 years of college then he is on his own. He is forced to buy books he will not use to satisfy the book corporations who own the politicians. ("$350 for a book I will never use," he said. He then started talking about inclusivity and that many of the old people just are not getting why.
Why was this exciting? He told me all of this without me coaxing any of it out of him. The young people are getting it. They are seeing how much we have screwed them.
We better get it right for them while we have time to atone for the individualistic selfish people many of us became when Ronald Reagan made it vogue.
That kid makes what I am doing well worth it as difficult as this shit is. That was the most rewarding engagement I had in a long time.

Let me know your thoughts.

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