Youtube vs. Hollywood Part III: The Inevitable Future

Part I was the present deathblow to Hollywood over the public humiliation of Hollywood’s super-producer Harvey Weinstein

Part II was the 13 years of several billion cuts to Hollywood, compliments of the emerging independent content creators on youtube. Intermission is over, it’s time for Act III. Behold the future.

While you were seeing clips of Jimmy Kimmel shedding tears (while alienating his audience) or FlopBusters’ Kate McKinnon kiss Wonderwoman on SNL, the kids weren’t watching any of that stuff. As Part II already explained in relative depth, independent content creators were multiplying exponentially. But it’s not just youtube. Youtube is a massive piece of the internet, absolutely no argument there. And, even then, some of the best content on youtube (Scott Adams, Brandon Tatum, Styxhexenhammer666, k e, 1791L, Airliner World And More, Roaming Millennial, RedPillBlack, and many, many more) is coming from an obvious conservative and somewhat libertarian channel.

But it’s not just about youtube. Recall in Act II that I dubbed James Rolfe and his Angry Video Game Nerd show as being the first singularly important piece of entertainment to emerge on youtube. I even included one of his first videos, which Political Storm site forerunner Jon Saltzman loved. In hindsight, since I published the article on a Friday the 13th, I should have included his Friday the 13th on NES video, also because I think that is the video that put him over the top all those years ago. But all that’s beside the point. The point is that James Rolfe discovered that the way to win the internet was with video games.

Have you watched the videos your kids are watching? If they are somewhere as young as seven to as old as twenty years of age, chances are that they are or have been interested in watching youtube videos about gaming. There is no shortage of internet entrepreneurs that stream themselves playing video games. They have all kinds of remarkable on-screen layouts, a lively chat set-up, cool graphics, giveaways, swag-for-sale, whatever. The younger generation is often times referred to as “Gen Z”, which I think sounds stupid and unoriginal, and they show very little interest in modern film and television. They are the Gamer Generation.

Now, I could cite all the convenient headlines that agree with me that the Gamer Generation is growing up to be conservative, but I find most articles to essentially be meaningless anyway. With paradigm shifts, there is an obvious clash of cultures between generations. The Greatest Generation thought the Baby Boomers were wimps, and the Boomers thought the Greatest Generation were abusive old bigots. The Baby Boomers thought Generation X were ungrateful brats, and Generation X thought the Boomers were sell-outs. Generation X thinks Millennials are basement-dwelling losers. The Gamer Generation seems to think Millennials are strange, and they want nothing to do with them. As a Millennial, I don’t blame them. Be NOTHING like us.

Getting back to my point about the gamer culture that is defining a generation, the goal of the entrepreneurial gamers is essentially to test the waters and see if there is any kind of market for yourself as a youtuber. At first, it’s just about having fun, making fun videos, having fun with people, maybe getting a little bit of money via crowdfunding, and, if you’re real lucky, scoring a hardware endorsement. There are tons of these gamers. But what of the few that have managed to take it to an insanely high level? They have become the youth’s most relevant entertainers.

PewdiePie currently has 57 million followers on youtube, and also boasts millions on all his other social media platforms. He is constantly uploading content which routinely gets millions of views daily. Do you think that people in their 40’s and older are watching PewDiePie? I’m not even convinced that he is reaching that many people in their early 30’s. Most of those subscribers and viewers are somewhere between 10 and 24. Or how about Idubbbz? His last episode of Content Cop (posted at bottom) currently has 20 million views. It was only posted last week. Maybe your kid has already seen it? It’s very entertaining. The numbers don’t lie, the younger generation is obviously much more interested in youtubers for entertainment than they are in the traditional Hollywood entertainers.

You can be un-P.C. and cuss on the internet. These content creators make television shows like Jimmy Kimmel and The Daily Show look like ice age stuff. Cutting edge, youthful…and somehow very contrary to modern day Hollywood and television. They like the juvenile politically incorrect jokes and humor, and they’ve proven that there is still an audience for that humor during an agonizing period of nauseating left-wing moralism from Hollywood and the media. In a nutshell, the most relevant youtube entertainers are doing the exact opposite of what Hollywood is doing, and they are doing a great job of it.

Even more encouraging is that PewDiePie, H3H3, Idubbbz, and a number of other youtubers have proven that they don’t need the media. It’s a variation of the Streisand Effect, which hypothesizes that publicly seeking to authoritatively suppress something feeds it and empowers it. The Wall Street Journal and a number of other rags have pounced on PewDiePie in an attempt to cripple his phenomenal popularity, but to no effect. Even A.V. Club hack journalist Vikram Murthi attempted to score political points off of James Rolfe for refusing to view the terrible Ghostbusters movie, and Murthi accomplished nothing except for looking like a clueless Sarkeezian $hill. Not only do the youth not care much at all for modern television and Hollywood, but they certainly don’t care about dumb clickbait hack journalists.

The future is not just about PewDiePie, Idubbbz, Filthy Frank, and all the other youtubers that are iconic to our youth. It’s not even about the growing presence of black conservatives on youtube making their voices heard. It’s about the kids that are becoming more literate and tech savvy. They are using the internet to find more creative ways to spend their time and money than by sitting in a movie theater or watching some annoying douchenozzle like Seth Meyers on television. When they do choose to be entertained, they’ve already found something much less stupid to entertain themselves with.

It wasn’t that long ago that the older A-listers of Hollywood used to struggle mightily to find work, and many of them would really struggle to make ends meet near the end of their lives. Now that Weinstein is gone and Hollywood is rapidly losing the youth to youtubers, the tough days of Hollywood are going to come roaring back. I’ll even throw out a few names: Whoopi Goldberg, Robert DeNiro, Will Smith, Martin Sheen, Ashley Judd, and Gwyneth Paltrow…just to name a few…are some of the stars that are really going to struggle with work in the future. The industry is going to be making some deep cuts in the future, and the old guard of Hollywood has lost their captain. His A-listers shouldn’t be all that worried about being replaced by younger actors.

They’ve already been replaced by gamers and youtubers, they just don’t know it yet.

But they will. Their future is inevitable.


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