Youtube vs. Hollywood Part I (Present Day)

At last. At everloving last has the overdue day of reckoning finally arrived in Hollywood.

The disgrace and termination of Hollywood super-mogul Harvey Weinstein is not an event of insignificance. I have been biding my time, waiting for the first mortal wound to be inflicted upon Hollywood ever since I wrote my article “Hollywood Swamp About To Drain” shortly after the election of President Trump. Steve Bannon is continuing the noble work of his late business partner Andrew Breitbart, who always dreamed of wrenching control of Hollywood from her current benefactors. Oh yes…it has begun…

For those of you still in dire need of being thawed out of your own ignorance, pay attention while my three-part series “Youtube vs. Hollywood” catches you up to speed on the first supremely important paradigm shift in over a generation. This article, using the appropriate splice point of Harvey Weinstein’s fall, will seek to inform you as to why this specific event warrants such tremendous significance. The second article will focus on the past, chiefly the jarring emergence of independent content creators on youtube and their initial impact and/or lack thereof. And finally, the future. This one will be the most important.

Like the Warden in the Shawshank Redemption, Harvey Weinstein is at this moment dumbfoundedly wondering how a clever and ambitious person was able to ruin an ironclad system. It is actually rather simple. Weinstein and his ilk sincerely believed that their own power and influence touched the hearts and minds of just enough useful idiots to deny the seismic shift in power that culminated in Trump’s Presidential victory. Bannon using President Trump to bait Hollywood’s rotten ambassadors into hysterical nonstop mass-virtue signaling was a brilliant first act. Weaponizing strategic corners of the internet against nauseatingly pious multimillionaire celebrities was an equally brilliant second act. But causing Hollywood to burn themselves by pitting their false social media morals against their highly public sordid behaviors? Absolute genius, and it has resulted in Hollywood losing their King piece. Well played Bannon.

Are you still wondering why the loss of Harvey Weinstein is a crushing blow for Hollywood? Let me try and spell it out for you. Harvey Weinstein’s fingerprints are on just about everything in Hollywood these days. Every major award, every A-lister, gobs of television projects, and all of the Hollywood-friendly media and social media were in business with this megalomaniac. He had tremendous business connections, and was very much responsible for keeping many in Hollywood as heinously-overpaid as they were. Without Harvey and his business networks/connections, Hollywood is going to be facing real financial problems, such as down-sizing, paycuts, lower budgets for projects and award shows, and the beginning of some extremely tough times in the industry for many of today’s wealthy celebrities.

Right now, two questions beg to be asked, but won’t soon be fully answered. Firstly, how much further are we going to go down the rabbit hole? Hollywood has long been rumored and regarded as hedonistic, rife with pedophilia, and other frown-inducing rancorous behaviors. There might be much, MUCH more damaging information coming to light, but I tend to believe those events will unfold in time, over time. For now, Weinstein is not solely an impressive scalp, he is merely the tip of a very nasty iceberg. And then the second question…who else will take the fall? After a couple days of shock and mourning, some of the Hollywood household names are carefully choosing their words and feigning ignorance (video below). They know how far down the rabbit hole goes, and they understand how severely impacted they and their industry stand to be. A nightmarish existence awaits some very famous people. Fame will become infamy overnight.

This is all earned scorn. Strangely, I do not begrudge Harvey Weinstein for all the dirty tricks he pulled to protect his industry. It was his job to be a scumbag. However, the mass demonetization of independent content creators on youtube (sometimes referred to as the “ad-pocolypse”) is where I draw the line with Harvey Weinstein. Without Weinstein playing his part and working over his connections, the ad-pocolypse simply does not happen.

But the tables have turned. Weinstein is no more, and there are dark days ahead for Hollywood. The cult of celebrity is going to shrink, net worths will plummet. And it all starts.




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