“Yes, Half Of Trump Supporters Are Racist” by The Washington Post

This article, linked at the bottom

Is The Washington Post admitting to being either an outright racist newspaper or to being a racist left-wing rag. If Dana Milbanks’ claim that half of Trump’s supporters are racist is taken as credible, then the The Washington Post employs and empowers racists and their ideologies since there are Trump supporters working for The Washington Post. Mathematically speaking, if there are, say, 20 Trump supporters writing for The Washington Post and one in every two Trump supporters is in fact a racist (as asserted by this article in The Washington Post) then there are about 10 racist journalists writing for The Washington Post! What a racist rag!

Does The Washington Post genuinely believe this incredulous claim? They must if they felt it was fit to print. Is there a system of vetting Trump supporters at The Washington Post for racism? Or maybe there are no Trump supporters working at The Washington Post, which would essentially mean that it is a left wing rag? So which is it? Is The Washington Post a totally bought and biased left-wing rag hurling the race card (which is a racist act in of itself) or a newspaper that openly admits to printing racist ideologies? If The Washington Post is going to dare and print such a deplorable race-card piece, then they open the door to being called out for being racist or left-wing nonsense. They opened the door.

Sorry this one was short Bleachaholics, but it was certainly worth running. I think what’s really happened is that The Washington Post has essentially been caught red-handed trying to apologize for Hillary Clinton’s deplorable remarks without realizing the absurdity of such a claim actually impacts their own journalistic integrity. FOR SHAME!