Wikileaks Avalanche Unleashed, Crushing Hillary Campaign

Wikileaks has already released about 6,500 or so of the reported 50,000 emails hacked from Clinton top A.I.D.E. John P.

This is the sixth batch out of the promised 19 batches to be released. So far, obviously, the mainstream media seems hellbent on forcing these idiotic non-sex scandals of Donald Trump in a feeble attempt to distract from all the dirt being unearthed by Wikileaks.

Before I discuss some of the findings of Wikileaks, let me first state that Hillary’s campaign pinning this on Russia is a bad idea. First off, there are many more leaks and accusations to be made, and Hillary continuously dismissing it as Russian isn’t going to help. Enough of the material has been getting mainstream attention to damage, but Hillary’s campaign repeatedly charging the Russians isn’t a credible defense. The emails are too detailed, too accurate to specific timeline events, and too numerous to ignore. Hillary Clinton ought to have some forum to directly address the American people about the leaks and all the forthcoming leaks, but instead is just trying to ignore them. They aren’t going away, and her refusal to confront this issue head on speaks to her untrustworthiness and avarice for power.

As for the leaks, I’ll only speak to a few of the more damaging ones released thus far. It seems that the biggest and most damaging leaks highlight Clinton’s collusion with the media, namely NY Times and CNN. A couple names have already been dropped, such as Donna Brazile for giving the Clinton campaign debate questions in advance, as well as John Harwood for trying to rattle Donald Trump during the Republican primaries debate. We also have our first victim in Louisa Mensch, founder of the lame web site Heat Street; masquerading as a “conservative blogger” the last few years, Mensch was outed in the Wikileaks for writing one of Hillary Clinton’s stupid campaign ads (“It’s our time” ad). Her tweet to Julian Assange was seething with rage. I love it. The bottom line here is that there is very deliberate media collusion with the Clinton campaign.

More revelations that Bernie was screwed, which is nothing new. However, the one leak that is gaining significant traction in mainstream media is the revelation that the Clinton campaign disdains Catholics and even instituted fake Catholic groups (funded by George Soros) with the intention of swinging Catholics to pro-choice ideologies. Bill Donahue, head of the Catholic League, even said that conservative Catholics were being targeted by the I.R.S. in the last few years, just as he had. This is a stunning revelation that I predict will plague the Clinton campaign until election day, and they stubbornly refuse to address it despite several prominent Catholic and Evangelical groups howling for the dismissal of John Podesta and Jennifer Palmeira. At this point, I’m wondering if Podesta and Palmeira even have a choice to resign or if they are going to be forced to ride out on the Hillary Hindenburg.

So from now until election day, Hillary Clinton can expect to be buried in Wikileaks accusations, but a few others have joined the fray. There is still the “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist” movement pipeboming rally, but Mike Cernovich insists that he has the 33,000 deleted emails and that they will be coming at the end of the month. Also, there are supposedly 6 videos, one of which shows Hillary Clinton calling a black woman a “n1gger”. James O’Keefe is also releasing a bunch of videos showing rampant election fraud at a Hillary office in Las Vegas (Project Veritas on youtube), and he insists he has a video of Hillary disparaging black people. Then there’s a dubious source (presumably Anonymous) claiming to release a video of Bill Clinton raping a 13-year old girl, but I find this claim to be the hardest to believe. If it’s true though, it would be hilarious. If anything is going to single-handedly ruin Hillary’s campaign, it would be a video of Hillary using racist language. Hillary can blame the Russians for Wikileaks and buy-off mainstream media to believe that bull$hit, but a video of Hillary saying racist things will be unable to be pinned on Russia, unable to be ignored.

In the meantime, Hillary’s campaign is no longer on message. The Wikileaks releases, the Cernovich releases, and the O’Keefe videos are forming a perfect storm of political annihilation. We have never seen anything this in an election year. The internet and the people do NOT want Hillary and Bill Clinton back in the White House. And how odd is it that Hollywood has gone radio-silent about their great champion Hillary Clinton? I think, soon enough, the rats will be abandoning the burning ship.

She could just do us all a favor and eat a bullet.