Why Some People on the Left Want Trump to Win

It may come as a surprise that, this year.

There are actually people on the “left” rooting for the Republican presidential nominee!

No, they haven’t lost their minds. They don’t mistake Trump for a good person, like some people on the “right” do. Rather, they have shrugged off the identity politics which make for predictable and easily-manipulated voters. They are looking at the BIG picture and the Trump-scare-technique doesn’t work on them.

The big picture isn’t just about the next president and maybe the next Supreme Court judges. Instead, it’s comprised of multiple goals:

  1. Punish Election Fraud: Rigging our elections has become commonplace. This year it even happened as early as the (Democratic) primaries. This gives American voters a rare opportunity NOT to reward the cheater. By voting for the Democratic nominee, we would send the message that murdering democracy is okay; that we will support politicians who defy our will; and that the Democratic Party can take the progressive vote for granted. There is an old saying: Never side with a cheater! Since this year the cheater needs a second vote from us to make the cheating stick, we can fight back by denying her that second vote!
  2. Defeat Neoliberalism: Neoliberalism is Neoconservatism committed by Democrats. It is corporatism, Social Darwinism – whatever you wish to call it – or, in other words, the law of the jungle, imposed on our society, by self-serving politicians, in league with the richest bullies who buy their services. This antisocial philosophy has created the system that screws most of us over. Voting for the very “leftist” Jill Stein instead of Shillary puts pressure on the Democratic Party to drop neoliberalism and return to a people-friendly platform along its former core values.
  3. Stop Feeding Right-Wing Extremism: Donald Trump is using the time-honored “right”-wing rhetoric of misdirected hate for the weak-minded to ride a wave of impoverished and disenfranchised protest voters, much like the “Tea Party” previously did (thereby laying the groundwork for him). The longer such brainwashing is allowed to occur, the more dangerous America’s dark side will become. And since the impoverished and disenfranchised protest voters are created by corporatist politicians such as the Bushes and Clintons, they must not be kept in office.
  4. Defeat Neoconservatism: “Neoconservative” corporatism has long been the Republican platform. If Trump becomes president, his new breed of Republicans may not mix well with the old guard. This could cripple – or even cause the collapse of – the long-corrupt Republican Party. A great gift to America!
  5. Build Progressive Momentum: If all those who want democracy and a fair society, with a healthy economy, voted for Jill Stein, she would actually win this year (assuming the votes were actually counted). Things probably can’t move that fast, but we can start building momentum. You rarely get what you don’t ask for. So, let’s stop voting for what we don’t want and start voting for what we do.

In summary, if Trump (a plutocrat maverick not married to any party line) wins, we may (with luck!) get a disruption of neoliberal/neocon policies. This, in turn, would lessen the push-back rise of “right”-wing extremism and could even give us a collapse of the GOP. If this happened because many voted Jill-not-Hill, the Democratic Party might have to reform itself or die.

Thus, come 2020, we could be able to elect real progressives again, who would make things better for all Americans — including those on the “left” and the “right”, even Trump supporters. Universal bliss!

So, who is scared of Trump? Why vote Hillary to avoid Trump when Hillary is worse? Better vote Jill!


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