Why Hollywood Hates Trump

Did you miss Ashley Judd’s rant about her nasty vagina and her period?

Or Madonna threatening to blow up the White House? Yes, the same Madonna that offered to suck off and swallow every male voter that cast his ballot for Hillary (she later reneged on the offer when a male voter showed her a picture of his ballot). Then there’s washed up Shia Lebeouf (this time without the bag on his head/#iamsorry #iamnotfamousanymore) ranting like a junkie. Well…you really didn’t miss much, just another lame edition of celebrities acting like retards in front of a camera.

With the exception of a handful of celebrities…such as Stephen Baldwin, Scott Baio, and Jon Voight…the entirety of modern day popular Hollywood (and all the B, C, and D-listers) have colluded to wage a petulant tantrumfest against President Donald Trump. The culmination of this wuss-a-thon reared it’s ignorant head a few days ago with a celebrity-fueled Women’s March, complete with cringy “pu$$y hats” (who is making money off that lame idea?) and boxes of “Nasty Women” shirts that Katy Perry is desperately trying to unload in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s megafailure campaign for President. Don’t kid yourself, the Women’s March was little more than an exercise in fashion futility. Hillary Schwartz probably knows more about these accessories than I do, so correct me if I’m wrong when I call them a severe fashion no-no.

So we have the Women’s March, the constant Trump-bashing on late night tv comedy shows, Saturday Night Live, and all the celebrity awards shows, plus the plethora of celebrity youtube videos like The Avenger’s “Save the Vote” or Martin Sheen and some D-listers encouraging the electoral college to commit treason. Then there’s pop group (not punk, just mediocre pop) Green Day ripping off REAL punk rockers MDC’s “Born To Die” with their lame “No Trump/No KKK/No Fascist USA” line (but completely whiffing on the irony). You get the point. Hollywood hates Donald Trump and they stubbornly refuse to cede any ground no matter how absurd their claims sound to actual Americans. Celebrities seem to cheapen every idea they come into contact with, and the anti-Trump movement is certainly no exception.

But the question has yet to be asked or attempted to be answered (until now): Why does Hollywood hate Trump so much?

Go back on the calendar to the campaign season. Firstly, you will recall that Hillary Clinton spent nearly all of August fundraising, a move which turned out to fatal since it allowed Trump to surge in the polls. Enter September, the disastrous month that sunk Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Hillary Clinton attacked her critics Alex Jones and Breitbart with her Dolores Umbridge-like speech against the “Alt-Right” around the same time she was pretending to open a pickle jar on Jimmy Kimmel to prove her vitality. On September 9th, Barbara Streissand ironically sang her dumb “Send in the Clowns” song against Trump right before Hillary Clinton clownishly made her epically stupid “Basket of Deplorables” remark (apparently, she had “pneumonia” and was “powering through”, according to moron Patton Oswalt).Then, on September 11th, poetically, Hillary passes out and gets caught on camera being tossed into the van like the old sack of garbage she truly is.

But on September the 13th, Hillary Clinton was supposed to appear at a big dollar fundraiser at Family Guy and American Dad creator Seth Macfarlane’s mansion. Since Hillary Clinton had “pneumonia”, she ended up having to skip the fundraiser, and Bill Clinton ended up taking her place there instead, just a day or two after his interview aired where he said Hillary Clinton passes out “frequently” (snipe edit: “rarely”). This fundraiser was a massive gathering of the Hollywood elite and A-listers, and you can bet that Slick Willy shook them down hard to get those deep Hollywood pockets turned inside-out. The fundraiser, at that particular stage of the campaign, was the critical Hollywood fundraiser for the Clinton machine. The celebrities and producers in attendance were skeptical and nervous about Hillary Clinton not appearing, especially since the news cycle was polluted with damage control pieces from the usual media bozos about Hillary Clinton’s health STILL not being an issue and how Hillary was correct about America being 50% racist.Those pieces just didn’t stand up too well against the flood on social media of Hillary Clinton being too sick, passing out, keeping secrets about her health, lying to people about her health, and making disparaging remarks against Americans (she did, after all, call them “irredeemable”). Even David “The Architect” Axelrod agrees.

It doesn’t surprise anyone that the Clintons are so cozy with Hollywood celebrities. The Clintons have frequently lodged at Steven Speilberg’s mansion over the years. Remember during the second debate when Hillary Clinton blamed being two-faced on seeing Speilberg’s boring movie Lincoln? It wasn’t just a bold-faced lie, it was also a cheap movie plug!

As nervous as the celebrities were at that junction of the campaign, they bit. They opened up their wallets and went all-in. Former President Bill Clinton convinced them that Hillary was going to win and it would be 8 years of elbow-rubbing, photo-opping, history-making nirvana. They were conned, but not by President Trump. They were conned by the Clintons, the over-oiled political machine that has been obsolete since the end of the cable television era and the dawn of the social media era. Their buyer’s remorse was evident on September 16th at the after party for the Emmy’s (another Trump bash-a-thon snoozefest no one tuned into) when celebrities were reportedly expressing severe dismay at the status of the Clinton campaign. Undoubtedly, they were regretting just how generously they had donated to what no longer appeared to be a winning campaign.

So this is all about money and staying relevant. When was the last hit movie with Ashley Judd? Shia LeBouef fell off the map over a decade ago after a surge of hits (Disturbia, Transformers, Wall Street 2), and Madonna hasn’t had a hit song in forever. Material Girl, True Blue, Open Your Heart, Vogue…all classics. Take A Bow, Ray of Light…not so much. But Hollywood seems to have forgotten one of the golden rules of show business: NOT EVERYBODY CAN DO THE SAME ACT. The Trump-bashing business is really only lucrative to a select few celebrities, namely the vanilla-of-the-week pop stars indistinguishable from one another that are already on top, such as Katy Gaga and Lady Perry. If everyone is doing the same act, then everyone is the same. And once everyone is the same, you might as well not bother tuning in. You’ve already seen it.

I’m convinced that the Hollywood swamp of liberals might be on the brink of draining. A dream of the late Andrew Breitbart’s was to one day see Hollywood return to its’ conservative roots of the early and mid twentieth century, and now with Breitbart’s protégé Steve Bannon in the White House, this dream might actually come true. See, all the smaller cineplexes that used to be in every mall and small town have been swallowed by a handful of large megaplexes, all with heavy price tags for tickets and concessions. The movie industry has become impossible to control financially. Just as the internet crippled the music industry in the early 2000’s thanks to Napster and file-sharing, the film industry is likewise being crippled by torrenting/pirating. In the case of the film industry, tech savvy kids and adults en masse are building their own home theater systems with available technology. In the end, it is a cheaper and more luxurious alternative to the increasingly expensive weekend night outing at the cinema. Soon, Hollywood studios will grudgingly offer a direct-to-internet/tv streaming service that completely cuts out the cinema industry. Once this move is made, the whole house of cards…film industry AND cinema industry…will collapse, and new conservative buyers will swoop in and take charge of The New Hollywood, purging it of its’ current unwatchable content and personalities.

I can’t let Madonna off the hook without reminding her of her all-time lowest moment. At the 2003 MTV Music Awards Show, Madonna, in what was a desperate bid EVEN BACK THEN to stay relevant, kissed Brittney Spears during a performance on the mouth. My gut tells me that Madonna cooked up this little doozy and talked Brittney Spears into the publicity stunt because although Spears was quickly falling into her own irrelevancy back then, she still had more pull at MTV than Madonna in 2003. Madonna had more to gain and knew it would steal a few headlines, but it was cringey because Madonna was so much older than Brittney and was appearing more than a little desperate for a piece of limelight. It didn’t come across as a sexy passing-of-the-torch moment between two popstars, just a silly case of celebrities trying to manufacture a cheap, trashy tabloid moment. Spears completed her long, agonizing fall into irrelevancy over the course of a couple years, and I wouldn’t blame her for privately regretting partaking in something so embarrassing.

The Make America Great Again ballcap was a brilliant idea. The Pu$$y Hat is a dumb idea. The Basket of Deplorables meme was solid gold. The Nasty Women meme failed. Modern day liberalism is tragically unhip. Liberalism is out, Conservatism is in. Hail god-Emperor Trump.

“Stop watching” (James Rolfe)