We Learned a Lot this Election Year

Here is a list of most of the lessons learned this election year:

  1. Americans are sick and tired of an economy and government that don’t work for them.
  2. The majority of Americans want change so much and are so angry at the current state of things that a lot of them were willing to vote for a hateful and unpopular billionaire spewing ludicrous statements, rather than another establishment candidate.
  3. Young Americans are fully behind progressive ideals and candidates like Bernie Sanders. Unless they change in the years to come (and is that likely?), establishment politics in the U.S. is doomed.
  4. The Electoral College hinders democracy and greatly facilitates manipulation of electoral outcomes, so that even a popular vote win can result in a big defeat.
  5. A lot of election theft (mostly by gerrymandering, voter suppression, and vote miscounts) is happening.
  6. Corruption in high places is truly extreme, even worse and more pervasive than the most disenchanted among us thought previously. We may even be ruled by a shadow government using perhaps not only electioneering, media control, and bribes, but possibly even blackmail, assassination, or the threat of assassination or mutilation. Corruption is the new business model in basically all high places.
  7. The corporate mass media are in cahoots with the establishment’s political campaigns.
  8. Jill Stein and the Green Party did not cost Hillary a single electoral vote (unless they gained more votes than have been reported to us by the media (I rather suspect the latter)).
  9. Imposing Hillary as the presidential nominee, despite her horrible poll numbers compared to those of Bernie Sanders, is why the “Democratic” Party’s nominee lost.
  10. The DNC’s deplorably-undemocratic conduct in the primaries probably also lost it both houses of Congress; has caused a mass exodus from the “Democratic” Party; and riled up many independents against it.
  11. The independent vote is critically important these days.
  12. People who struggle in vain all their lives are so angry they fall for hate speeches.
  13. If all the disenchanted voters had united behind a third party (say, the Greens), it would probably have won the presidency.
  14. Too many Americans still didn’t know that independent and third party choices exist or were still caught in the two-party-choice fallacy, which makes them think they have to vote for one of the two major parties (which is manipulation from the top) rather than for what they want (which would be true democracy).
  15. The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is the main instrument among the instruments of power employed by the corrupt establishment. It keeps third parties and independent candidates unknown among the electorate, limits public discourse, and stages the debates to make the establishment-preferred candidate look good.
  16. If the “Democratic” Party doesn’t reform to become the party of the working people again, it could be doomed. November 8 showed that the people are calling it back to heel and will abandon it if it remains with the billionaires.
  17. The Internet permits voters, especially young voters, to bypass media blackout, learn from whistleblowers, and organize politically.
  18. The common people can out-donate the electioneering billionaires, their corporations, banks, and Super-PACs. They did for Bernie Sanders, the first credible voice for the people in ages whose poll numbers still pegged him the winner in the general election (had he been allowed on the ballot) even after he lost a lot of political capital when he endorsed Hillary Clinton (probably a far bigger loss than Republican smear campaigns could have achieved).
  19. Trump was the people’s second choice (in some cases a protest vote) after Bernie Sanders was strong-armed out of the race.
  20. According to Forbes, in America, 400 rich people have more money than 149 million. How could 400 people do the work of an army of 149 million?!? Can anybody explain this to me? I think that’s impossible. Hence this wealth is not earned. Hence it is stolen. And this could explain so much poverty in the allegedly-richest country on Earth. Half of the people living in the United States are living in or near poverty.
  21. Health care, which is still a privilege in America, is a citizen’s right in all our peer countries.
  22. Some 40,000 lobbyists (plus other “consultants”) write our laws, bribe our officials, and have our “elected” officials totally outnumbered.
  23. High government positions are purchased for $600,000 to $1,200,000.
  24. Despotic regimes like the Saudis finance not only Islamic terrorism like Isis, but also our establishment politicians (like the Clintons).

So, most of us are fed up with the systemic corruption. Overcoming it will be a big fight on many battlefields. The remaining question is if the American people will transform their anger into constructive action and organize for the required strength.