Truth Against The Machine Is Fake News

So we do have a little bit further to go down the rabbit hole regarding the termination of youtube “star”

Vlogger Jordan Chariton from The Young Turks. Some clarification for the two videos shared at the bottom: the first is lukewarm youtube vlogger Tim Black interviewing Jordan’s sexual assault accuser and former Truth Against The Machine blogger Carly Hammond, and the second is the stellar up-and-coming real journalist H.A. Goodman interviewing former Truth Against The Machine blogger and website Editor-In-Chief Taylor Lee Reins. The interview Tim Black did with Carly Hammond (Jordan’s sexual assault accuser) is a painfully long two-and-a-half hours, and the Taylor Lee Reins interview shared below is just over one hour (and also quite painful). It wasn’t easy sitting through these plus all the other H.A. Goodman interviews with fellow Truth Against The Machine bloggers like Summer Swan, Taralei Griffin, Ruel James, etc. Even Huffington Post hatchet-cuck Christian Chiakulas went on Goodman’s webcast.

First, I believe Carly Hammond’s accusations against Jordan Chariton. He’s a scumbag and deserves to have his career ruined over this. But I’ve also concluded from the interviews that every one of the persons that got involved with Truth Against The Machine was conned. It is hilarious listening to these narcissists go to great lengths to describe the “hard work” being done by the “good progressive journalists” at “TATM” (pronounced either “tat-tem” or “tay-tum”). This point is made over and over again while these bloggers complain about Truth Against The Machine, the website started by The Young Turks “investigative reporter” Jordan Chariton. I am being more than fair with my deliberate use of quotation marks. All of the bloggers in their interviews describe it to be very much a scam without ever admitting being scammed. They are the most arrogant of fools.

Let’s look at some of the facts revealed throughout the interviews about Truth Against The Machine. This website was a side-project of Jordan Chariton while he was enjoying a cushy bump in his career as a youtube political commentator. This is fairly common, it was an election year after all. Chariton appears to have recruited volunteer bloggers from his facebook page and various social media accounts. They all admit to being big fans of Jordan and his “work” in “journalism” (in hindsight, this must be incredibly embarrassing for Jordan), and all seem to think that he became some sort of sell-out, or didn’t live up to their “progressive” expectations. These bloggers are terrible speakers, overly emotive, hypocritical, narcissistic, bratty, and dim-witted. Several of them show a complete lack of boundaries by openly discussing their own sexual assault experiences (not by Jordan) and talking about the medications they are taking. They are all basketcases.

So Jordan Chariton contacted a bunch of his biggest fans on social media that were dumb enough to believe that they were going to be “his journalists”, that they were all coming along with Jordan for the ride. He started up his website with the cringy name Truth Against The Machine (gotta sell those coffee mugs and t-shirts somehow!) by asking his dumbest fans to blog for him for free. There was no offices or anything like that, it was just a bunch of Jordan fangirl bloggers DMing each other on social media. There wasn’t any real journalism taking place…if anything, it seems they spent more time gossiping about one another than actually even trying to produce something that resembled journalism. I actually went over to the website to check it out (I figure it’s going down the drain soon, anyway), and it’s a joke. It’s just a left-wing blogger echo chamber that happens to have Jordan Chariton’s name on it. The articles posted haven’t been read by anyone. The virtue signaling is off the charts. A massive chunk of the site is just a commercial for Jordan’s dumb book.

It’s pretty obvious what happened. These idiots thought they were going to get paid. They thought they were on their way to becoming the next The Young Turks. Jordan Chariton never told them the truth about Truth Against The Machine. It was a Mickey Mouse club. It was a fan site where fans could write blogs about issues or local issues they felt were important, but don’t expect to get paid. It was actually a nice thing for him to do for his biggest fans. But the thing about “progressive journalists”…they are ALL just as big of a hypocrite as Jordan Chariton is. Chariton was getting paid and was living the life they all wanted for themselves. The “activism” and “the cause” and all that other stuff is just a vehicle, fame and money are always the ultimate goals, even for so-called “progressives”.

The only encounters it seems Jordan Chariton ever had with these people aside from some sparse social networking was either when they showed up somewhere he would be on assignment (Carly hanging around him in Flint,Michigan masquerading as a “co-worker” or “colleague”) or when they would come to “cover” a political conference that Jordan was being paid to appear at. Interestingly, neither Goodman nor Black has asked any of the TATM bloggers if they had to pay admission fees to attend these events. I’m guessing that they did, which is just another layer of how the scam works. Jordan gets more money if he can get more butts in the seats.

And then of course, are the encounters involving alcohol. All the TATM bloggers were starry-eyed left-wing idealists that were all in their early 20’s and up to their eyeballs in Jordan Chariton’s left-wing propaganda. Drinking with them was a huge mistake, but I guess he thought they would be cool with blogging for free if they got to party with him a little bit. Wrong. These bloggers were still convinced they were “changing the world” (Carly’s words, not mine) and they obviously believed that they deserved to be paid as such. The site’s donations never came, Jordan’s name didn’t have enough drawing power, and the bloggers weren’t talented, anyway. Then the sexual boundaries were severely violated with Carly Hammond in a hot tub with alcohol and group sex. Clearly no one was sincerely interested in journalism at Truth Against The Machine. It was a scam.

So what’s next? I think Truth Against The Machine is going to be gone soon. There is currently minor speculation coming from Jordan’s fans hoping that since Jordan has been fired from The Young Turks, he will commit himself to rebuilding his brand via his website Truth Against The Machine. I don’t see it happening. He would first need to hire talented journalists and actually pay them, and I don’t think he has the funds nor is willing to take that risk. The site’s reputation is in the crapper, just like Jordan’s. It’s best for Jordan to just ignore the site and hope that it dies a quick and quiet death. I’m not even convinced that he cares anyway since Carly Hammond, Chelsea Lyons, and Summer Swan all still have their junk on that site. If anyone did care, those blogs would have been deleted by now.

Good riddance to a garbage clickbait left-wing echo chamber. Truth Against The Machine is a fake news site that conned dumb left-wing bloggers. Even the title sucks. Rage Against The Machine hasn’t been edgy since they trashed Steve Forbe’s SNL dressing room 21 years ago.

The logo sucks, too.


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