Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory Falling Apart

After months of left-leaning pundits and unfunny late night tv comedians screeching McCarthyist nonsense about the Pres.

Without a shred of evidence, it appears that the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory has turned out to be just another pundit’s dud, just like their election predictions turned out to be. Before you actually DEFEND these clowns, may I remind you that the pundits certainly opined about the Trump-Russia Conspiracy theory with glee and zeal, but how many of them did any actual investigating? The icing on the cake is that the pursuit of the non-existent story forced all the media outlets to essentially co-opt Alex Jones-style coverage, which dabbles exclusively in the absurd without much evidence, but more for the sake of entertainment rather than information. Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews…they have all become Alex Jones. It’s been a fire-sale on credibility these last 6 months, and the media is all souled-out!

I suppose these McCarthyists did get a little red meat thanks to General Michael Flynn, but other than Flynn having some unimpressive business partners in Russia, there really hasn’t been any real evidence of Trump being “Putin’s Puppet”. The Wikileaks’ Podesta dump has been verified and re-verified by Julian Assange as being stolen by non-state actors, and in fact has been chalked up to being little more than a catfishing scam that Podesta stupidly fell for. Nope, no “Reds Under The Bed” here, just a campaign manager falling for a run-of-the-mill cyberscam. You can’t blame being stupid on Russians! I should note here that the language seemingly exclusively used in describing Podesta being catfished is always referred to as “election hacking”. This unclever manipulation of language is extremely disingenuous since a simple catfishing scam is in no way considered by any tech savvy person to be “hacking”. Hacking involves complex algorithms and is quite different, whereas catfishing is a low-level email scam.

So after 6 months of sore losercrats buying into our disgraced media’s bogus storyline (right after they botched the election, mind you), we come to a crossroads. It has become clear by now that Trump isn’t Putin’s ANYTHING as evidenced by the Mexican stand-off situation between Russia, The United States, and Syria. Only idiot pundit Lawrence O’Donnell had the audacity to float the idea (again, with ZERO evidence, mind you) that Trump bombing Syria was a planned collaboration between Putin and Trump, and he ended up looking like a wacko. One can almost recall that imbecile George W. Bush reached a ridiculously high approval rating after the post 9-11 retaliation, effectively unifying the country after a bitterly contested election result earlier that year. Oh yes, sycophanticrats, the press is well on their way to normalizing Trump after they’ve self immolated in his wake…

So what’s it going to be, Political Storm Featured Writers? Are you going to still trust this discredited media that has not only botched an election, but is continuing to slink further down the rabbit hole with Alex Jones? Your pundits and political journalists have failed you and have taken you straight to hell with them. You can keep on believing their codswallop, keep churning out your unoriginal and atrocious articles, to me it matters not. But someone ought to tell you when you are being played for a fool. Thanks for making the last 6 months hilarious for the rest of us. Enjoy your dark rabbit hole, there might be a snake waiting for you at the bottom. Just one quick question: what have your pundits and journalists done for Democrats lately?

; )