Trump, Russia, and the Establishment’s “Left” Trap

Dirk Droll

Even today, hundreds of thousands (or millions?) are faithfully marching within the trap laid for them by neoliberals — marching against Trump when they should be marching against the establishment.

Since the last election cycle, the establishment’s manipulation efforts have been in overdrive. They have been pulling us, the American people, further and further apart into a far “right” and a fake-“left” camp, thus distracting us from our most urgent issues like jobs, the economy, health care, education, and money in politics, only ever paying these issues lip service while keeping us tied up over lesser, divisive issues and with ever more brazen false narratives and gaslighting tactics. We are to see each other as the problem, instead of the establishment, which has been screwing us over for decades and knows no limits in its continuing destruction of our country and our lives. Especially on the political “left,” there has lately been an effort of unprecedented dimensions to hoodwink and recapture an increasingly disaffected base of the “Democratic” Party which has begun to fall away. A brief review:

1.First the establishment denied the American people one of the most popular presidential nominees in American history (Bernie Sanders) in favor of one of history’s most UNPOPULAR candidates (Hillary Clinton) — using superdelegates, voter suppression, ballot spoilage, vote miscounts, media blackout, and corporate media propaganda (see my page Election Theft 2016 for a collection of reports and video clips). Only Trump showed as even more unpopular in the polls, but with little difference really. We were saddled with two nominees both of whom the majority of Americans didn’t want. A clear sign of something very wrong.

2.Then they tried to bully Bernie supporters into voting for Clinton, fearmongering about Trump and accusing them of party disloyalty (although many of his supporters were independents and many others belonged to that part of the “Democratic” base which the “Democratic” party had stiffed with impunity for the last three and a half decades).

3.Then they tried to distract us from Clinton’s and the DNC’s latest scandals (and wrestle voters to their side) by raising the specter of Russia standing behind Trump and Wikileak’s revelations.

4.Then they gaslighted Berners (and anybody else who had been too disgusted to vote for Clinton) over Trump’s victory – when in fact it was THEY who had sabotaged the candidate (Bernie Sanders) who would have handily defeated Trump – thus trying to guilt-trip people back onto their side.

5.Then they organized a grand anti-Trump hysteria and Resist-Trump protests – and an accompanying media storm – to divert many among us awoken folks from our opposition against the establishment and get us to hop on their band wagon and thus right back into the “Democratic” Party’s fold. What a neat neoliberal con job! Just like the “Tea Party” had done on the “conservative” side a few years ago, they simply jumped at the helm of a mass exodus from the political gang which had misused them for decades to lead them right back in, swapping the valid targets of psychopathic corporations and corrupt politicians for an easily replaced single man which the establishment can afford to lose and doesn’t particularly like. This is their message: “Yeah, we are with you. Let’s march together. Let’s forget our systemic corruption and that the water is up to your necks. Let’s just impeach Donald Trump and all will be fine.” Sadly, this tactic seems to have been working with some folks. One can only hope that the people who have awoken on the “left” are less easily deceived than those on the “right,” and that those who have currently been caught up in this anti-Trump hysteria won’t go back to sleep when the hysteria finally dies down. It’s important that those of us who are not deceived keep ringing the alarm over this deceitful tactic, because we shouldn’t exhaust ourselves in false flag activism. We shouldn’t go after false targets.

6.Then, this week, to try and make the tactic work even better, they dug up that oh-Russia-our-adversary-who-is-friends-with-Trump meme again, as if we had a terrible common enemy in the form of Russia or as if it really mattered where the plutocrats reside who destroy our lives.

So, I’d like to ask you: do you really think that a certain eastern portion of the Eurasian continent known as Russia is your adversary and mine? Which Russia is it, specifically? The Siberian tundra, Lake Baikal, or the Ural Mountains? Is it those landscapes which deny you and me decent wages, affordable health care, or the free education which even countries like Turkey provide their citizens by taxing not only workers, but also the rich? Is it the Crimean Peninsula or the Caspian Sea which installed black box voting in our country, or the Volga River which does the gerrymandering of our voting districts? Or was the Taiga behind Citizen United? Get real, please! Do you actually think that the citizens of Russia, who are busy struggling for their families’ survival, same as you and me, are hell-bent on manipulating our elections, maybe from a cave with a cellphone? Do you really think that Vladimir Putin, who must keep strongman-competition and dissent in his own country under control to maintain his power, is obsessed with our politics, half a world away? Probably he obsesses about it just as much as we do about Russian politics on a daily basis, which – most of the time (this week’s media hype notwithstanding) – isn’t much. If you are really worried about election meddling from across our border, you should take issue with the fact that our corrupted system allows big corporations (all of which tend to be multinational) to pick, fund, and bribe our politicians!

And, thus, a reality check: Trump isn’t the disease which has been ravaging us since about 1978; he is a symptom. And, throughout history, Russia has meddled with the U.S. a lot less than the U.S. has with Russia[1][2]. The meddling with our lives comes at the hands of our own plutocrats (who often happen to belong to the jet set, but where they travel or have their various palaces, ranches, golf courses, and summer residences isn’t as much an issue as what they do to us, get it?).

So, in conclusion, all I can say to you is please let’s focus our attention on our real adversaries: the Wall Street gangsters and robber billionaires; their multinational corporations, oil companies, investment banks, and insurance companies; those same corporations’ unscrupulous and predatory get-rich-quick CEOs, who gladly kill for a quick profit, and their army of lobbyists and beholden politicians. And PLEASE don’t accuse people who try to open your eyes of being either Trump or Hillary supporters! We are neither! Rather, you are the one who is caught in this false narrative of a split American people divided into two political camps. In reality, we are unanimous on most of the major issues that plague us, and, thus, we shouldn’t be hating on each other. Those two nominees we got in November were a false choice imposed by the establishment — the very thing we have been getting in every election since the Supreme Court ruled in 1978 that corporations bribing our politicians is perfectly legal. Despite what the Supreme Court said back then and reaffirmed in Citizens United, money is not speech! Paying a prostitute (or a politician) is nottalking to them. And the politicians picked by (or, in the case of Trump, coming from) our money aristocracy are not on our side! They are our true adversaries.Not some Russians or Martians or whatever. Let us who have stepped out of the false narrative tell you about this, because we need to fight the establishment together!

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