Trump Restores Free Speech on Campus

Trump Restores Free Speech on Campus

Trump Restores Free Speech on Campus

This is exactly what the free thinking students on every campus has been waiting for. Today President Trump signed an executive order to end oppression of speech on campus across the country. Open thinkers have been ridiculed, silenced and outlawed for far too long, and finally Trump Restores Free Speech on Campus. Speakers like Ben Shapiro Steven Crowder Milo Yiannopoulos and Jordan Peterson are open to speak after years of protests and riots, which I'm sure are far from over, but the universities and colleges can no longer shut them down. Today marks the beginning of an new era of freedom, as people are now free to speak their minds. He also talks about student loan reform and other student issues. Stories of said oppression is given samples by several students who had been shut down for christian thought crimes.

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