Trump Is Boring

It has become painfully obvious that there is collusion between Trump and mainstream news outlets.

Mainstream media outlets (as well as countless dime-a-dozen cybercrap sites) have run so many absurd articles on Donald Trump, they’ve lost appeal. There’s nothing shocking, nothing interesting, and nothing remotely resembling a news story anymore. The pundits have all dug their trenches, cultivated their on-air personalities, and engaged accordingly.

It’s a mess. The wiretapping story, the unending calls of protest amid cries of racism, the Russian-connection story (that stubbornly refuses to die, despite remaining as unconvincing as ever), the tax returns, the attack on the media, blah blah blah. I’m bored with it, and you should be too.

Let me state the obvious: if there were any modicums of truth in any of those stories, it would be a big deal and would demand professional reporting. We aren’t getting professional reporting. We are getting an avalanche of anti-Trump op-eds on the left with a sizeable onslaught of pro-Trump op-eds from partisian right outlets. These boring op-eds from hack writers are polluting the internet and the airwaves, resulting in a political climate that has eclipsed reality and brought us into the mundanely surreal.

Admittedly, I was engrossed in the election because there was something very real at stake (the Presidency). I wanted nothing more than to see the mainstream media take a massive black eye by completely muffing the election (which they did). But just a couple months into the Trump presidency, the media has kicked their garbage into overdrive, and now nothing can be taken seriously.

It used to be that only the likes of Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura would shoot their mouths off about government conspiracy, globalism, etc. Nowadays, thanks to the Trump-Russia connection story, every mainstream outlet has gone the way of absurdist Alex Jones, peddling multiple ridiculous conspiracy theories. It’s turned the very platform of modern day journalism into a pathetic, unappealing farce.

I will comment very little on politics in the future. I am more concerned about journalism. If Trump truly were as dangerous as the media portrayed him as, then there would be better journalism happening. There is an obvious element of collusion between Trump and the media; Trump feeds off hating the media, and vice versa. And both are having a tremendous laugh at the expense of dopes gullible enough to believe in the divisiveness. While you outrage, they are buttering their bread with caviar. This is why we are getting an atrocious, bastardized brand of cheap and lazy journalism instead of honest-to-goodness factual news reporting, free of opinion.

Trump will thrive off of the WWE-style pundits. But actual journalism? It’s gone.


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