Trump Fires Comey

Comey. I never saw a man that used so many words to say so little.

His gosh-golly-aw-shucks routine fools nobody. This guy went to law school in Chicago, he’s no dummy. If you’ve watched any of the footage from CSPAN (all of this publicly available on youtube) of Comey testifying…whether it was Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, or even yesterday’s Trump-Russia investigation…you will grow extremely bored with the footage. Comey talks and talks and talks and talks…but ultimately never says ANYTHING. It’s almost laughable. I’m quite pleased he’s gone.

But this speaks more to the cleverness of President Trump. The timing could not be any better. Hillary Clinton has, once again, stepped into a trap. When she blamed her election loss the other day on Comey’s late October announcement, the Democrats/media once again took ownership of disliking James Comey and viewing him unfavorably. They piled on by saying he had lost credibility. So President Trump capitalized, and can now make a sideways claim that he fired Jim Comey for being so incompetent and affecting the election. Democrats, as of right now, can not justifiably defend Comey while accusing Trump of some new treachery. As for Republicans…this is a dream come true. Comey is still despised for letting Hillary off the hook when he had the chance to prosecute her. The infamous press conference where he announced the decision NOT to press charges because of lack of “intent” will likely be the single biggest talking point of his career, leaving behind a tarnished, shameful legacy. It’s a red letter day for Trump supporters.

Now to preemptively delve into the absurd talking points that will inevitably come up in the next couple days/weeks. Firstly, there’s his recent appearance on Capitol Hill to discuss Trump’s alleged connections to Russia. Democrats have been turned into warped conspiracy theorists, and will try to connect Comey’s termination to the investigation. This is folly. If it were in fact the case, undoubtedly other agents would be quick to rush to Comey’s defense and to blow the lid off the Russia story. It’s not going to happen. And seriously, Democrats…would you actually trust Comey to not bungle the probe? I wouldn’t.

This is such a pivotal reason why Democrats need to abandon Hillary Clinton and the media…Trump is just too trixy for them. Had Hillary Clinton just thrown up her hands and said “I lost because I didn’t campaign well enough”, Comey’s firing would now be political fodder for the Democrats. That, or Comey might still be employed. Since Hillary and the Democrats kept blaming Comey, Trump looks completely reasonable for firing him. It’s a win-win red-letter day for The Trump Administration. Democrats and media outlets that try to make political hay out of this brilliant maneuver are going to get hammered and look extremely foolish.

But there are two other lingering questions: Firstly is who Trump will name as Comey’s successor. Once again, this is going to be a hard-fought battle for the Trump Administration, but Democrats have scored no big political wins since Trump won the election. Sessions, Gorsuch, Tillerson…all of Trump’s major appointments have gotten through. I don’t see the Democrats as capable of foiling Trump’s ultimate choice, but I do see the tired-and-true Democrat shenanigans of race-hustling, character assassination, and other political identitarian techniques being deployed, if nothing else, for smears. What I am confident in is that whomever Trump ultimately installs as the Director of the FBI will be committed to enforcing/supporting laws that deal with illegal aliens. This is a campaign promise that I fully expect to see fulfilled.

The other big question to answer is whether or not this will lead to President Trump possibly making good on one of his more bombastic campaign promises, which was to appoint a special prosecutor and re-investigate Hillary Clinton over her obvious failures to safeguard classified material. I genuinely believe the best opportunity to convict Hillary Clinton has already come and gone. However, I do think that the Clinton’s are on their way out of the spotlight. Hillary’s softball interview the other day announced the formation of a new “Resistance” Super-Pac…it is nothing more than a cash grab. The Clintons were banking heavily on winning the election, and now foreign donors are wondering what the hell happened to their sure-bet investment. The “Resistance” Pac is really nothing more than the Clintons finding ways to supplement their income. Their net-worth has taken a substantial hit now that Hillary has been denied power (again). Wall Street isn’t going to pony up $400,000 to listen to someone that voters said “no” to. The bulk of their net worth and earning power is now solely on Bill Clinton being a Former President, but he will be dead soon. Once Bill is dead, the Clinton family will suffer another tremendous blow to their net-worth. Whatever you do, don’t be stupid enough to give more money to the Clintons.

Rejoice, Republicans. Comey the Clown is finally fired. I told you in my last article The Right Is Ready To Strike Back. HARD. that the right was about to strike back HARD, and Trump really brought the hammer down this time. There will be immigration laws enforced in this country with the support of the FBI’s vast resources. Now, go and make fun of a Democrat twisting another logic pretzel by defending Comey this late in the game.

James Comey is first blood. The summer of Trump is just getting started…

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey/