Too Many Americans Will Never Bow To A President Hillary

I still think Donald Trump is going to win based on voter turnout

The enthusiasm just isn’t there for the Hillary campaign, nor will it be. As I’ve said before, that is the price paid for stabbing the Bernie constituency in the back. Furthermore, I think more and more Americans are getting angered by the media overkilling hit pieces on Donald Trump combined with the wikileaks and the latest FBI revelation that there was a quid pro quo between the State Department and the FBI. We are past the point of no return. There has been a GOP office in North Carolina getting firebombed with swastikas (textbook example of terrorism), rampant media collusion, O’Keefe’s videos of paid agent provocaturs causing violence (some of them sought-out mentally ill persons), and red scare tactics galore. Americans are fed up.

Even in the unfortunate event that Hillary Clinton wins, I believe that the fallout from her victory would result in chaos. For starters, there’s talk amongst the Republican party about an impeachment process that would likely be set into motion. Her crimes and the cover-up by the State Department, Department of Justice, and the F.B.I. continue to produce more evidence that can not be ignored. The longer the entire affair is dragged out, the more evidence seems to begrudgingly come to light. It’s only in the last few weeks that we have learned about the “intent” to bleachbit the emails, which was found on Reddit. Other more recent revelations are the 5 immunity agreements handed out, the side-deal for the F.B.I. to destroy the laptops, the revelation that the agents that worked the case strongly disagree with Director Comey’s decision not to indict, the quid pro quo, and more. Then there’s all the lies told under oath. It’s beyond embarrassing at this point, there is just too much evidence pointing to a crime and a cover-up.

That being said, I recently came across an article that suggested that the American mainstream media would likely never recover from this election cycle, and that too much credibility was being mortgaged. I tend to agree with this idea. People are genuinely bored with all the Trump hit pieces. They only come in so many flavors: Trump is Hitler, Trump fans are Nazis, Trump said mean things, and/or some brainless Democrat or celebrity BLASTS (or RIPS) Trump. Note to aspiring journalists: Don’t use BLASTS or RIPS in the headline or slug, it’s really played out. Skewers is pretty lame too. As for all the Nazi nonsense, it’s just proof that the mainstream media is trying make it look like a vote for Trump means you have the moral equivalence of a genocidal maniac. It’s really divisive rhetoric, which I hold accountable for the reason why a GOP office in North Carolina was spray painted with swastikas and firebombed. The media has brainwashed enough people to actually convince them that terrorist attacks against political foes is ok. This one’s on Hollywood too, they’re just as guilty.

And yet, Trump still has a good shot at winning despite the obvious stacked deck of mass media collusion, Hollywood collusion, and all the Democratic surrogates (including the President, who graciously has taken time away from his busy schedule of golfing). The reason is because people know Hillary is corrupt. The more time Hillary spends away from jail, the more damning types of evidence emerge that prove she belongs there. When Trump threatened to throw her fat ass in jail at the second debate, it was one of the greatest quips I’ve ever heard, and it was something people had been dying to hear someone say to Hillary (the media refuses to do it) for a long, long time. The people loved it, and the election has essentially turned into a referendum as to whether or not the majority of Americans believe Hillary is a criminal. Despise Trump all you want…hell, vote third party or write in Bernie Sanders if you wish…but don’t kid yourself. A vote for Hillary is a vote for keeping her out of prison, and she does not deserve it.

Three-peating the White House by a political party is rare. It’s only happened once since F.D. Roosevelt won 4 terms during the Great Depression and World War II. Suffice it to say, he was leading a vastly different America. The only three-peat since Roosevelt was Republican Vice President George H.W. Bush winning a third term for Republicans after two Reagan terms. Political scholars cite numerous reasons for the last three-peat, usually assuming that Bush’s popularity was a benefit of Reagan being a strong president. Whatever the case, it’s rare, and I don’t see the Democratic Party being in a position to have earned a third term in the White House.

Which brings me to my point. There was grumblings after the 2012 election from Texas about considering secession, but it ultimately came to nothing. However, if Hillary wins the election, there will DEFINITELY be talk of secession or other radical steps from “flyover country”. The great swath of states that make up the bible belt, the Midwest, most of the mountain west, and much of the southwest will feel that their interests are not being fairly represented. These states almost uniformly go red with little potential to swing (Trust me, Arizona, Utah, and Texas will all go red this election, all the talk is bull), and they will feel that they have been shut out 3 elections in a row. Furthermore, many of these people are of the mindset that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, and that she has perverted the rule of law in this country. Her taint has destroyed the credibility of The State Department, The F.B.I., and the Department of Justice, and putting her into power is terrifying to many. She is a corrupt criminal, and her campaign is driven by hatred and destruction of those that don’t fall into formation. The Democratic Party is the new Nazi Party.

I still think Trump will win come election day, but brace for impact if Hillary triumphs. Too many Americans think she is a corrupt criminal. Americans will never bow to her. There will be hell ahead.


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