The Weekly Rundown October 12, 2018

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearing circus is finally over and we have a new Conservative Associate Justice


ECONOMY. Contributor Jeff Crouere emphasizes how US economy is now the strongest in the world thanks to Trump's economic miracles despite media's 95% negative coverage.

DEMOCRACY. Our contributor Dirk Droll examines pro and con arguments for a democracy and how people's nature are misunderstood by many


KAVANAUGH. Dire Wolf Media recaps the Kavanaugh confirmation last Saturday and Sen. Susan Collins' (R-ME) fine speech in support of Brett.

FASCISM. Egberto Willies of Politics Done Right argues that fascism will not come to America all at once but in subtle ways.


#MAGA Our publisher Jon Saltzman is changing the course of story selections for Political Storm shifting us from nonpartisan to independent/ #Conservative leaning.

CONGRESS. Despite public partisanship in news, John Feehery notes that #congress has been bipartisan on its accomplishments from historic opioid legislations to Dodd-Frank financial regulation laws.


DEMOCRATS. Our contributor John Feehery shares his insights on why the Democratic Party seems to be quite a wreck these days.

KAVANAUGH. Our contributor Deanna Lorraine features in OANN analyzing how Dems lynching attack on Kavanaugh will hurt them in the Midterms and beyond.

KANYE. Steve & Jim of Whiskey Congress are back to discuss Kanye's pro-Trump antics in SNL and the Kavanaugh response to accusations.