The Washington Post Is Faking Their Comments Sections

It turns out John McCain’s “senior moment” during the Comey hearing was more of a “brain cancer moment.”

I can’t say I’m surprised, because if you recall my article “John McCain Has A Senior Moment”, you will recall that the article focused on numerous instances over the last TEN YEARS demonstrating John McCain operating at a diminished capacity. His excuse was that he was up late watching baseball, which no reasonable person could possibly believe. Yet, there was no challenge in the media. If John McCain says he sounds like a stroke victim after watching baseball, then by golly that is good enough for CNN, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, New York Times, Politico, The Hill, The Atlantic, Time Magazine, and all the other rags that follow suit. No need to report on the pattern of senile behavior from an aged veteran that might have been mentally tortured, if McCain says it’s baseball, then it’s baseball and that’s the end of the story, folks. So much for “stellar reporting” and “investigative journalism”.

The news of McCain having brain cancer should surprise nobody. “Bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys “Barbara Ann”? Asking Sarah Palin to be his running mate? His slow whistle-toothed slurring that has plagued his speech for years? If you recall, I linked an old Christopher Hitchens video from 2008 in my article where Christopher Hitchens made the persuasive argument that no reasonable person could vote for the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008 because of McCain’s obvious significant deterioration. He hasn’t gotten any better, but nobody in the media has ever bothered to question the mental health of McCain despite that he was allegedly subjected to brutal Vietnamese torture.

And, despite that McCain is a Republican, it has been nothing short of false piety and stupidity for McCain in recent times. Republicans have long hated John McCain for caucusing too intimately with the likes of Secretary Clinton and President Obama, and have considered McCain to be a neocon for years. Interestingly, McCain appears to be following in the exact footsteps of reviled Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter, who was also a traitorous neocon that sold out his constituents before eventually dying of brain cancer a few years ago. It’s uncanny.

But the real issue of this article is to point out some major flaws with our media. Namely, I believe I’ve caught the Washington Post cooking the comments section of their article. I have been long suspicious that the comments of The Washington Post were mostly fabricated, but there’s never really been a way to prove it. Comments tend to regurgitate the same tired anti-Republican talking points, continuously making ad hominems about people that disagree being Russian trolls, and using memes that never really took off, such as making fun of Trump’s hands or calling him “Drumpf”, both of which are Jon Oliver’s failed attempt at memes from two years ago. I rarely see the “Drumpf” meme anywhere on the internet, but on the Washington Post, it appears constantly. This is all eerily suspicious, but not really proof of anything.

But the McCain brain cancer story is remarkably different. Firstly, like most other corporate media outlets, there is no mentioning whatsoever of all the bizarre behaviors McCain has been exhibiting over the years. There isn’t even a mention of McCain appearing illucid like a stroke victim during the Comey hearing, which only happened a few weeks ago and was seen by tens of millions of people live. Instead, more fake piety and stupidity about how great John McCain is, war hero this, public servant that, blah blah blah. It’s enough to give us all brain cancer.

But the comments section is the undoing. There are currently somewhere between 1,000-2,000 comments, and I went through hundreds of them. NOBODY is remarking that the Washington Post story leaves out McCain’s long history of questionable mental lapses, and NOBODY is commenting that he looked and sounded like a stroke victim during the Comey hearing a couple weeks ago. Instead there is an extraordinary number of comments that all follow a formula similar to “Though I disagree with McCain’s politics, he is a war hero” that “deserves our respect and prayers” and “a tough fighter”, etc.

The comments section of this article from WaPo on McCain’s cancer ( lacks credibility. The comments are all too remarkably similar and quite simply do not look or sound authentic. I thought maybe I was just being odd about the whole thing, but I checked out the comments sections of Politico and noticed that there were fewer of the cookie-cutter scripted comments like WaPo. There were far fewer comments (only a couple hundred) and several of them brought up his moment of lunacy at the Comey hearing. Something doesn’t add up. I’m willing to grant that several of the comments at WaPo were probably (and sadly) authentic, but there is too high of a concentration of agreement of the general sentiment combined with too high of a level of disregard for McCain’s questionable behaviors. It’s not a coincidence, the Washington Post is fake news with a fake comments section.

The only real question left is whether or not McCain will try and “power through” (cringey Democrat buzzword) and finish out his term. To hell with him. He’s 80 and has brain cancer, he has nothing left to offer and the public would be better off without his highly deteriorated “public service”. He’s been in the Senate for 30 years. He’s grabbed enough power in his lifetime and held onto it for far too long. My sharper-than-a-razor political instinct tells me that McCain is going to attempt to hold onto his power, though it shan’t last long. Lest we forget, McCain has been the Chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee for years now. It’s one of the most powerful…if not the most powerful…posts that a Senator can win. There’s a lot of big money people that need McCain to hold onto that seat for as long as possible, and I foresee McCain shallowly attempting to justify why he feels the need to stay in the Senate (probably some anti-Trump mumbo jumbo, concern for the country, the usual drivel). Don’t kid yourself, it’s all about his post and the money.

As for McCain…God will judge him soon, the same way he judged Arlen Specter.


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