The #WalkAway Movement Has a Powerful Message that Concerns Us All

The Power of #WalkAway is in Political Ecumenism and Human Experience

The #WalkAway campaign is an all-inclusive movement for liberty that spans a diversity of personas and opinions and it may just be a critical key to the awakening of many Americans in this coming election. The Walk Away movement was founded by Brandon Straka, a gay hairdresser from New York City. A former liberal, Brandon Straka abandoned the Democratic party after he simply did research on the veracity of modern Democratic claims about Donald Trump. Having concluded that the current left-wing media frequently lied about Donald Trump’s actions and manipulated media coverage Brandon stepped out of his liberal mindset towards one of pride in his country and renunciation of extreme leftist victim mentality. Brandon recognizes that while the far left panders to minorities, they never follow up their words with actions. Modern Democratic policies do nothing but further the plight of their self-professed victims with failed economic policy, disenfranchisement of opportunities to minority populations and attacks on constitutional freedoms.

I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon Straka in New York City. The Walk Away event occurred at a meetup for classical liberals and indie Republicans in a small Manhattan bar. I had the pleasure of being around LGBT people, African-Americans, libertarians, atheists and Jews all in general alliance around the threat of the current state of the Democratic party. Ironically, the scene was more diverse than any event I ever attended as a Democrat.

Walk Away is secular, not exclusive to any group and accessible by experience. It exposes the stories of countless individuals who have left the current Democratic party. These stories are libertarian, classically liberal, center left and conservative. I myself as a Catholic conservatarian was a minority at the Walk Away event as the bulk of the individuals there were moderately liberal, individuals simply in favor of sensible policy and rejection of socialist economics. The primary element of Walk Away that makes it so brilliant is that it realizes the spectrum of political opinions and includes all of us who are rejecting the Democratic party as it now stands among our own autonomous political diversity. We have come to realize that the Democratic party in current state attacks free speech through attempted guises of "hate speech" legislation, presents deranged challenges to fair discourse and is embracing dangerous socialist policy.

I remember my own Walk Away experience. In 2016 I remember going to an event honoring the victims of the Pulse night club shooting. I heard very little in memoriam about those who died at this event. I heard a politician stand up on stage and talk about rescinding the rights of free speech and any criticism of gay marriage in retaliation against homophobia with legal penalty. She was not talking about threats against gays but fundamental sanctions against the speaking of opinion. I heard a spokesman come up to rally against the second amendment. The event ended with an activist rallying to cheering crowds that Christians and Jews needed to have synagogues and churches censored. I certainly do not hate gays, it was in seeing people cheer for legal penalties on open speech that was chilling. History has shown that silencing any group leads to the silencing of all of us. Nevertheless, this rhetoric was all attached to an event in which a domestic Islamic terrorist attacked defenseless gays. The terrorist guilty for this tragedy was not even of the faiths in criticism. It was an unhinged panoply of baseless fanaticism taking advantage of tragedy to raise a voice of destruction against not simply constitutional but natural rights fundamental to any civilization. It was on that day I realized that the modern far left was not simply flawed but truly an enemy. Ever since this event I have not seen the left, whether in media or in my own life, act any less fanatical in discourse than the cheering mob that summer day.

It is in testimonies like mine that we find the second crucial element of the Walk Away movement, it is based on experience. Frequently, the left accuses all opponents of being brainwashed by the one station conservatives are allowed to have on television or by a Ben Shapiro post on social media. However, Walk Away is based on the profound value of experience. It is a collection of scores of personal journeys. Experience cannot be denied or debated as it is fundamental to our objective reality and Walk Away allows people to voice their personal voice in testimony against leftist extremism so glossed over by our media.

Walk Away is a politically ecumenical and inclusive movement for human rights that concerns us all no matter where we fall, so much as we fall in challenge to far left extremism attempting to go mainstream. It also contradicts the Marxist victim narrative by channeling a plethora of voices that refuse to be silenced into a state of far left-wing victim hood instead embracing courage and defiance. Walk Away is filled with African-Americans, Asians and Hispanics while being started by a gay man in one of the most liberal corners of the globe. These voices can be heard in person by simply going to YouTube and searching under the "#WalkAway". The very groups being used as props by the far left are at the core of this very movement against it. Recently, articles have been spread that our movement is fueled by Russian bots. My very own Twitter thread was accused of being out of Russia. I assure you that I have lived in New Jersey for thirty-one years. This final attack on Walk Away will fade when a march in Washington is held next month. We are not hiding anymore and we will prevail in protest as we raise our voices in counter protest to what has become of the Democratic party.

Unfortunately, the far left truly has completely invaded the mainstream Democratic party in terms of rhetoric, economics and policy. It is time for us to vote definitively against the Democrats, not for the sake of partisan tribalism but for the preservation of our country no matter where we stand otherwise. It is time, in view of the current state of the Democratic party, to walk away.

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The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

#WalkAway is the most "gentle" exit option for those who have been disillusioned. You can't really blame them for this reaction.

Poli Storm
Poli Storm


Welcome to Political Storm and thanks for contributing your story! Would you mind if we somehow feature this on our social media channels?