The Right Is Ready To Strike Back. HARD.

Perhaps by now Trump supporters have grown weary of watching obnoxiously partisan headlines

And pundits pollute the internet and television. My sympathies to those among us that are also repulsed by ANTIFA’s thuggish street violence. As I’ve told MarxEngels2020 multiple times, his IWW brethren are nothing more than geeky cosplayers pretending they are Batman, but too cowardly to join the military or even a real street gang. There’s a million reasons why Trump supporters feel that their party is being too soft, that President Trump hasn’t delivered the crushing hammerblow to his opponents and critics.

Be weary no more. The time is almost upon us. Now that Trump has met the 100 day benchmark without giving his critics any viable ammunition (just moronic conspiracy theories), the time is ripe for Trump to set his upcoming plans for the looming midterms in motion. The writing is on the wall with admirable clarity and penmanship. Hannity and O’Reilly leaving Fox News is currently being touted by cybertrash sites (Slate, Salon, Bustle, Jezebel…you know the names by now) as a victory of some sorts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hannity and O’Reilly are leaving Fox News because the legacy media is obviously dying. Did you not see ESPN just axe over 100 employees and on-air personalities? The cable subscription cord-cutters and boom in alternative forms of media (youtube, roku, independent pundits, internet) have finally taken their toll on mainstream news outlets, starting with ESPN and FOX. More carnage will follow over the course of the summer.

If you are still underestimating the ruthless cunning of Trump, then it’s no surprise you have no idea what is going on. The “4-D Underwater Chess” meme exists because enough people that understand Trump’s prowess in business, entertainment, and politics have noted all the tricks that Trump has pulled over the years. Hate him all you want, he’s a clever son of a b***h. Say it to yourself. Admit it. Try it on. Stop underestimating your enemy or you will be fooled EVERY TIME and you will never understand why. President Trump has weathered the media blitzkrieg that has utterly hounded him ever since he announced he was running. He’s beaten all comers against all odds at every turn.

But the campaign season for the midterms is on the horizon, and this means it is time for phase two. The press, nice and cockily bloated after wining and dining at a very ho-hum White House Correspondents Dinner (I’ve never heard of that lousy Indian comedian before, have you?), are about to see their best of times evaporate. I am predicting an overdue purge of the modern day punditry, probably starting at CNN. It is going to be a slow bleed-off process, and the prolongment is going to result in severe agony. Like the P.T. Barnum-style showman that President Trump is, he will dramatically pull a clever trick that nobody will have seen coming. I can’t say for now what he is going to show us, but the desired outcome is inevitable. The press is about to get badly bloodied, and everyone caught up in the storyline is going to be feeling some real pain very soon. It’s going to be a hot and hellish summer for the punditry, several of them across the networks and print media are going to be at the unemployment office by the time their kids are getting ready to go back to their private schools in late August.

This is all long overdue. We are tired of our dishonest super-pundits. We are tired of seeing Google set 5 or 6 Washington Post anti-Trump articles in every front page of Google News. We are tired of being told to stand fast while anti-Trumpers wreak havoc. We are tired of being told that it is we that are the problem with our country. Credibility be damned, the media souled that out long ago…no, this one is going to be deeply personal for America and her citizens. All the signs are there. The only reason the media even exists these days is to be used as a punching bag by President Trump and his supporters. The tsunami of anti-mainstream media propaganda has been growing exponentially on the internet over the years, it is a byproduct of a highly frustrated citizenry and a growing lack of interest in an untrustworthy mainstream media. If the American people (guided by Trump’s campaign) can throw Hillary Clinton out of politics on her chubby flanks, then they can do the same thing to the punditry. All it takes is a little magic from President Trump…he’s proven he can do it.

So how is this powder keg going to ignite? Is Milo’s upcoming appearance at Berkeley going to incite an uncontrollable amount of violence? Is all kinds of negative information about Maddow, Matthews, Blitzer, and Lemon going to break the news cycle, resulting in a Stephen Glass-like total shattering of credibility and face? Or maybe Trump has an even bigger trick up his sleeve, like career-destroying goods on a powerbroker like Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi? It’s impossible to say at this point. If we’re really lucky, it could be all three.

So I do hope that the carcass-eaters that were invited to the White House Correspondents Dinner enjoyed themselves, although I don’t see how since the comedian they hired stunk and the President didn’t even bother to show. Even a death-row inmate gets a good last meal, though he only deserves to die. I hope the press enjoyed their crappy dinner…for many, it will be their last.

Someone is going to light the fuse and run away. BOOM. Happy early 4th of July. Let the bloodshedding commence.


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