The Publisher's Corner Presents Akil Jennings

Hey ​are you up for something uplifting today? Meet Akil Jennings.

Hey want to hear something uplifting and not about Judge Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford?

On the pilot episode of The Publisher's Corner hosted by yours truly, I interview Akil Jennings.

He is a musician, businessman and formerly Democrat-leaning voter He's part of the #Walkaway movement. And he and I talk about how he came to that conclusion.

The uplifting part is what Akil is doing to give back to the community. He has created an organization, The Work Agents, which is all about teaching teens and your adults in the Black Community about not just getting jobs, but learning how to keep them and grow in a profession.

Please consider contributing toThe Work Agents. My wife, Jo and I did and It really feels good to do something positive in our negative polarized world! Please join us.

Here's The Work Agents GoFundMe page. Please help Akil make his dream a reality and help address the needs of young African-Americans and to give them the tools they need to succeed.

Check out Akil's music on his website

Watch the full interview above and see you next time with a new contributor.