The Point of No Return

I am often baffled how people fail to see the signs of our times (case in point: New Yorkers last night).

Caught in a business-as-usual attitude, they don’t realize we are quickly approaching a point of no return. Here is an example:

Recently, someone complained about life in America today: no vacations, no freedom, endless work, and extreme difficulty in creating a stable life. He felt born into slavery. Personally, I knew exactly what he was talking about; but even more poignant was a response he received, namely: If many Americans now live a life of serfdom they should organize and put pressure on their masters by withholding their undervalued labor – which is to say, by going on strike. This rang a bell in my mind:

It may be too late for that!

Some other nations are luckier. Those most similar to us, the affluent nations of Europe, have frequent holidays, long vacations, guaranteed healthcare, free education, powerful workers’ rights, and a social safety net which we Americans can’t even imagine in our wildest dreams. In other words: they have the very things presidential candidate Bernie Sanders champions for us this very moment, the very things we desperately need. Where they exist today, however, they were pried from the iron fists of industrial magnates and other aristocrats by a partnership of organized labor and political parties which represented the working people.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., our own workers’ movement was put to rest early in the 20th century, and our politicians thereupon positioned themselves with Big Money. Ever since, our own social reforms have been steadily eroded. Moreover, for many decades, our most critical jobs have been offshored to equally industrious but less socially advanced nations, mostly in Asia, where work is cheap. And now, automation, using machines to replace us, has reached the stage where it is really taking off. In other words, we have already lost the political representatives who fought for our rights in government, and now we are quickly losing our ability to put pressure on the plutocrats by means of going on strike.

As a consequence, we will soon be helpless or left only with the option of armed revolt, something I suspect has become quite impossible through the advancements in weapons and surveillance technology. So, that’s why godsends like Bernie Sanders, Elisabeth Warren, Zephyr Teachout, Pramila Jayapal, Lucy Flores, and others who still champion the cause of working people may be our last chance to change course – practically at the last minute.

We must act now! Business as usual is over! Partisan politics no longer makes sense! Picking from among shills in the hope of getting the lesser evil – or voting for a single hot button issue like abortion or gun ownership – is no longer an option. Having lost all other possibility of asserting ourselves, we the people must, I repeat must(!), take back our government now. We must all support Bernie Sanders and others like him in the upcoming elections. This is the fight of our lives! Wherever we can smell the whiff of Big Money (as with the GOP gang and Clinton as well), we must refuse our support. If in November we are not allowed to vote Sanders for President, we may as well vote for some unknown independent candidate who at least looks right on paper. That’s because voting for the shills is voting for our own doom. But until then, we still have a fight to fight: to get our people into office. Right now this means getting Bernie Sanders nominated as our presidential candidate!


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