The Plot Thickens – How We Were Saddled with the Clinton-Trump Duo

People boggle this year at how we ended up with the most ever loathed presidential nominees.

The answer: we were getting played.

First Trump: for decades, American jobs have been shipped overseas and our economy rigged in many ways. If you are one of the many who have been thrown under the bus, and every political candidate and media pundit tells you America is the greatest country on Earth and that our economy is recovering, you look at all the devastation in your life and you feel mocked. Along comes Trump calling this country a wreck (which he will allegedly make great again). Therefore he seems to you like the first credible candidate in a long time. He may not have a workable plan, but neither do you — and you haven’t learned to look past the next hill; so he is your man. Passionately so. For the demagogue Trump, it’s mission accomplished.

The GOP never saw this coming, so he had an easy primary. The exit polls confirm he won fair and square (if demagoguery is fair).

Things are different on the Democratic side:

Clintonites will tell you that Hillary Clinton won her delegates fair and square – completely disregarding the massive reports and damning scientific evidence to the contrary. In the sand, the head is so much more comfortable when things seem to be going well for you. What was that? Others are suffering? Really? Tampered primaries? Things aren’t what they appear? Really?

Well, yes, really!

Let’s think about how one may get people on board to help rig an election. How, for example, would you install a DNC chairperson who secretly works for you in the primaries?

First you would need a reliable agent. Enter Debbie Wasserman Schultz, co-chair of Hillary’s 2008 presidential run. Great pick!

Then you’d need the current DNC chair to step down AND recommend the agent for the position. Could the Clintons offer anything better than the Democratic Party Chair to that person? How about the Vice Presidency?


So, who was that chairman (not counting the 1-month interim of “acting” chairwoman Donna Brazile who now stepped in again (What, is this some kind of revolving door???))? Looking at the list, we find he was… hold it… take a seat… are you getting this?… Tim Kaine! Yes, the very man HRC just made her vice presidential running mate!

In the meantime, Wasserman Schultz is probably earning a hefty pay-off while she’s waiting on the bench in her “honorary chair” position on Hillary’s team. Playing favors is how this game is played.

That, my friends, is how we got saddled!

And who exactly is Trump again? Ah, yes! An old friend of the Clintons, possibly a Clinton plant! Why should he want the job of president? A billionaire willing to work? He makes a good spoiler of the Republican vote, though, doesn’t he? And is he maybe self-destructing his campaign now that she is on the ballot? (Khan controversy, his wife’s nude pictures…)

As always, it worked out well for the one tenth of the 1% who really run our country. They are getting all the office holders they want. The establishment always wins.

Unless we stop it.

This corrupt mess will continue until we draw a line in the sand and support only candidates who work for an equitable society. Candidates like Bernie Sanders who probably won the Democratic primaries when you subtract the fraud. Or those candidates just like him who are running for other offices this November: Zephyr Teachout, Pramila Jayapal, and so on. Let’s do this!


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