The People’s Position Must be NO!

Once you realize how thoroughly corrupt our system is, the only logical stance is to reject it.

Once you realize how thoroughly our country’s system is rigged in all its aspects — the economy, the government, elections, and the corporate mass media — the only logical stance to take is to reject it.

As it turns out, we are getting played every second of our lives. At work we are being bossed around from the top with the virtual gun of financial ruin held to our head, and so we are forced not only to put up with abusive treatment and little to no say, but with shamefully low pay after having much of the value we create through our work stolen from us when it is swiped into the vaults of CEOs and shareholders (or single company owners in the case of non-traded companies).

When we pay rent, we are being made to finance the acquisition of real estate by our landlords, and when we pay a mortgage we are being made to enrich the banksters. When we seek help in a health crisis, we are being made to enrich doctors, insurance magnates, and the owners of drug companies and equipment manufacturers while our health is merely a second or third priority or no consideration at all. When we try to get a good education, we are forced to go into possibly lifelong debt only to never find a good job despite great qualifications.

And when we want an end to these unjust rackets and therefore look for honest politicians who might fight for us, the Republicratic twin-party tyranny tells us that we can vote for nobody but their candidates, even as both arms of this voter-controlling political mafia work exclusively for the racketeering and politician-bribing top of our blood-sucking dungheap society.

The corporate mass media eagerly confirm this myth that we cannot possibly vote for anybody we would actually want to see in office, and any political candidates who would actually fight for us are carefully excluded from televised debates.

So we are getting played and steered in our everyday lives and even at the voting booths where we only get to rubber-stamp the establishment’s picks. Thus we are turned unwillingly, and often unwittingly as well, into accomplices of this system that rips us off, controls us from the top, and treats us like disposable commodities rather than human beings deserving of dignity and our constitutional rights.

The thing to realize is that voting for swindlers who tell us anything we want to hear but sell us out behind closed doors will never liberate us.

This year, we have important midterm elections coming up, but – as I hinted above – we are expected to reaffirm this rigged system in every election by voting for the system’s stooges from the Repucratic-Dempublican tyranny. The only logical answer to this request from above is no! Let me repeat: “Nooo! I am not letting myself be played anymore!” That’s the only reasonable position to adopt.

People feel trapped, though, and think there is no way to say no to our rigged system. While various activists and movements try various strategies, a lot of people think these strategies will break on the rocks like ocean waves. People simply feel overwhelmed by it all. They think that saying no to the way the system mistreats us is too hard and complicated. But is it?

I suggest that the first step we can all take is to simply realize that our system is deeply flawed and doesn’t deserve our support while it remains in this deeply flawed shape. The first step then is to simply say “no” inside of our heads (or out loud, if you wish). This, by itself won’t change the system, but it enables the next step which could. If all you can find time and energy for is a simple step taking a mere minute every two or four years, simply revoke your approval on election day.

Imagine, if – next time we are herded to the voting booths – we all voted exclusively for candidates that do NOT have a “D” or “R” by their name. The illusion of us, the people, wanting to be exploited and abused by the rigged system and being OK with our abusers would instantly dissolve in thin air. The faked legitimacy of swindling politicians who pretend to be our representatives and have been running our nation into the ground for the last three to five decades, would instantly collapse.

And even though such a drastic and sudden flip of the bulk of voters may not occur overnight, a noticeable portion of voters adopting this simple recipe could get the ball rolling. What’s more, as soon as we inwardly resolve to say No to this system, we will automatically shift from apathetic collusion with it to resistance and opposition and begin to take every opportunity to overturn it. Then things will start to change as the backlash against the nefarious status quo builds and encourages more and more people to jump on board. All sorts of options will open up before us once we declare ourselves open to them deep down in our hearts and minds.

What options, you ask? What can we possibly do? Lots of things. Third parties can grow again and apply tremendous pressure on the major parties. That’s how most positive change has happened in our history. Unions can grow again and pose an alternative to billionaires’ Big Money in politics (during the age of the New Deal, all the way into the eighties, the “Democratic” party was largely financed by unions instead of corporations). Ranked choice voting, anti-corruption, and public campaign financing laws can be implemented through ballot initiatives to give us much better options on the ballot. We can boycott horrible corporations. We can have discussions about the things we want, thus generate a wish list, and reject every candidate who doesn’t come close to matching our wish list. We can learn how to inform ourselves about available non-establishment candidates[1][2]. We can create democratically governed worker co-ops as a much better alternative to plutocrat-ruled businesses. We can break out of our consumerism prison to become less beholden to the current system’s financial control over us. We can shame establishment-protecting police, judges, politicians, media personalities, and so forth. We can build up independent media to get properly informed again and spread a bold vision for a bright future that we can build.

Once we say no to the corrupt system firmly enough to not merely retreat from it but challenge it, we can and will make change.


Dirk Droll is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Beanstock’s World.

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