The Media Hates America

The problem is clear: the media isn’t interested in listening to people.

CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, ESPN, The Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, TIME Magazine, The Washington Post, and The New York Times are playing a very dangerous game. It has become very obvious right now that there is a very specific pro-Social Justice Warrior narrative in the media that they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge or abandon. I’ve been closely following media coverage of numerous persons that the media has treated with kid gloves, and I am frankly stunned by the sheer arrogance on open display in mainstream media. Moreover, whether it’s a media outlet’s comments section or the comments section of a youtube channel, the media genuinely seems to be completely at odds with what numerous people are seeing and saying.

Let’s start with Ghostbusters. I’ve written numerous times about how the media coverage of Ghostbusters was ironically similar to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The media insisted Hillary/Ghostbusters was the greatest thing in the world, and that any detractors were just deplorable trolls. Hillary lost the election, and Ghostbusters flopped. In both cases, there was plenty of warning, but the media refused to acknowledge any criticisms. In fact, in the case of Ghostbusters, when James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd, made a video about how he wasn’t going to see the film despite being a diehard Ghostbusters fanatic, he was pasted in the media. The media also treated Hillary Clinton with kid gloves, refusing to say all the ugly truths about her and her husband that Donald Trump brought out during the second debate.

Amy Schumer is another social justice warrior that the media refuses to say one negative word against. The cousin of New York Senator Chuck Schumer is a foul-mouthed comedienne that prattles on endlessly about her genitals. For a comedian though, Amy has the thinnest skin and is constantly shooting her mouth off about idiotic social agendas, such as the obnoxious “body positivity” movement. I have no idea why the media continues to only shower Amy with positive press, she is a really awful excuse for an entertainer. The problem with Amy Schumer, as I’ve noted in a previous article, is that a comedian can’t pull double duty pushing social agendas because it compromises the performance and on-stage character too much. Now Amy is getting ready to play Barbie in a social justice warrior style movie about being imperfect. This is a golden opportunity for the media to ditch the disingenuousness and freely admit that this film, like social justice warrior Ghostbusters, is bound to be a terrible mistake. NOPE. The media instead is doing the exact same thing they did with Ghostbusters and shame anyone that dares to not instantly love this lame idea.

Then there’s Colin Kaepernick. I wrote only a few weeks into the season that Kaepernick would regret disrespecting the national anthem, and he hasn’t won a single game. He’s been abysmal. Why is it I can’t find any mainstream media articles or videos that face the facts head-on and admit that Colin Kaepernick has been a failure this year? The 49ers have lost 13 games in a row. Any other quarterback in the league would have been wrecked by the media by now, but all I can find are articles about how his white parents are proud of him. I seriously don’t get it. Why treat Colin like he’s special? He’s an awful quarterback, and I don’t think any NFL fan wants their team to pick him up in the offseason. Any team that did pick him up in the offseason would face an obligatory onslaught of hatred from their fans, which would likely affect the bottom line. On top of that, he is too big of a distraction for any team to truly want. Colin Kaepernick is only good for causing teams to lose games, lose money, and drive away their fans. How many more games does Colin Kaepernick have to lose before the media finally admits he sucks? Even if Kaepernick were to lose the last two games of the season (which he might), ESPN and TIME Magazine would write about how his national anthem protest came with a price that was somehow worth it. NFL fans hate him, it’s time to stop ignoring the people.

Or how about Texas electoral voter Chris Suprun? The New York Times let this moron write an op-ed about why he was stiffing the people in his state and giving his electoral vote to someone other than Donald Trump. They were all ready to throw him a super happy fun time social justice loser parade. Then it turns out he is a Valor Thief and lied about being a First Responder to the Pentagon on the September 11th attacks. And no media coverage. Why the double standard?

Finally, there’s outgoing President and First Lady, Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama. Considering how awful the press has been to President-Elect Donald Trump, you would think that the media applied a similar standard to his predecessor. You would be wrong. The media loves Barack, they can’t get enough of him. Everything he stutters and say..say…say…say…says…uh….uh…uhhhhh….it’s good, folks…real good. Whether he’s accusing Trump of whining about rigged election charges, telling Russia to “cut it out”, lying about Syria, campaigning for a woman that played the race card on him, whining about the election being rigged, none of it ever matters. The media absolutely refuses to hold Obama accountable for anything. They refuse to acknowledge that he dried up the support in the Rust Belt and has left the Democratic Party a total mess. The nightmare can’t end soon enough, but the media treats Obama much kinder than they treated George W. Bush, who was just as awful and inept.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. The media, the same media that is throwing a childish and ugly temper tantrum over “fake news”, is very blunt in applying double standards. Their narrative is clear. They want gun violence, white-on-black crime, anti-Muslim hate crimes, misogyny, and social justice warriors. They aren’t interested in the truth. They are only interested in shaming people that don’t agree with their pathetic world view. They hate us for rejecting them. They don’t listen to us. They hate America.


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