The Media Has Permanently Destroyed It’s Own Credibility

The only interesting thing about Hillary Clinton’s campaign is that people are yelling out “BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST”.

Other than that, the small crowds that show up to the Clinton super-villain surrogate syndicate rallies are forced to swallow up tired nonsense about racism, sexism, Russia, and why a third party vote is doomsday. If Donald Trump has taught 45% of Americans anything, it is that public trust in the mainstream media (currently at all-time low 32%) should be zero. With the convergence of Hollywood celebrity 1-percenters, moronic professional athletes (also 1-percenters), all the failed politicians of yesteryear (including Al Gore!), and now even back-stabbing GOP dinosaurs (Bush, McCain) all endorsing Hillary Clinton while parroting these same idiotic talking points, the media has overplayed the hand and exposed itself as essentially state-run.

The culture war is unquestionably being lost by Democrats, which have become the party of pearl-clutching hysterics, constantly feigning “moral outrage” like the Republicans of old used to. The word “liberal” used to have a connotation of tolerance and rebelliousness, but now has morphed with the political ideology to connotatively mean intolerant and suppressive. At the recent “Twinks for Trump/Daddy Will Save Us” art show in New York, which was protested by the intolerant democratic left, Milo Yiannopoloulis said it best…”Trump is the new punk rock”. It’s hard to disagree with him, especially when Milo is getting Marilyn Manson-style treatment with protesters. Hillary has been awkward, totalitarian, and has relied on stale celebrity surrogates to try to boost her ugly image. It’s hard to take a pleading Tony Stark seriously when his rich a$$ is begging for Americans to vote for an old woman that is married to a rapist and calling half the country deplorable. It’s hard to like Hollywood when they are begging for Americans to agree that a cold old woman in a pantsuit is somehow “cool” as she shamelessly panders to young people and black people by doing a horrific ne-ne on Ellen and telling black people she carries hot sauce in her purse. Face it, no matter how you cut it, not only is Hillary Clinton definitely NOT cool, but she sounds like a lunatic by blaming everything on racism, sexism, and Russians.

Trump, on the other hand, is running a blistering campaign. He has punked CNN, called out the biased networks and shamed the debate moderators, he’s threatened to throw Hillary in jail (epic zinger), reminded Americans that Bill Clinton is a rapist, he’s kissed a mini-Trump, joked about getting pu$$y, been on the Howard Stern show, and destroyed all the Republican opposition on his way to winning the nomination. He has forced the media into a position where the only way they can cover Hillary Clinton is by destroying their own credibility, and it has worked like a dream. Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post have all embarrassed themselves in print by running an endless parade of shameless and unreadable op-eds that try to paint him as a dangerous man. Ironically, newspapers used to be about investigative and non-partisan political coverage, and now would be the perfect time for a respectable journalist to investigate whether or not the Wikileaks are actually Russians. No point in investigating, just pathetic op-eds galore. The most recent example of awful op-eds are the ones that recently sought to defend Hillary’s idiotic “The movie Lincoln made me dishonest” defense at the second debate. Check out the comments sections of those publications for a laugh.

So the mainstream media has completely and utterly failed in accurately covering this election cycle. More crappy op-eds are now starting to appear that attempt to sell a story that Trump breaking from the dead weight Republicans is somehow evidence of him being a losing candidate. America begs to differ. Retards like John McCain and Paul Ryan represent everything that is wrong with the Republican Party, and Donald Trump leaving them in the dust is a good thing. It is the bold move away from failed establishment politics that Americans have been desperately craving since John F. Kennedy. It is a gravitation towards Independent Party, and it will successfully strong-arm the Republican Party (and hopefully the Democratic Party as well) to move away from the “politics as usual” parties that have worked against Americans for years now. If CNN and Washington Post think that Trump leaving McCain and Ryan in the dust is somehow evidence that the Republican Party is finished, they are only half-right. It is evidence that the Republican Party needs to fall in line with Trump or go extinct. This move, because it is going to be viewed by younger voters as emblematic of “change politics” will ultimately sway independent and younger voters before election day. Hillary with ManBearPig Al Gore and Ace of Base isn’t going to cut it.

Do I need to repeat the statistics? CNN only gets 600,000 viewers, MSNBC gets a similar low number. Even Fox barely breaks a million. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah only gets a few hundred thousand, and the ratings for idiots like Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert are all in the toilet. The media, the Democratic Party, and Hollywood have all gotten too bloated, too authoritarian, too politically correct. They have all become uncool. As they continue to shill for Hillary, they take on her pallor of unappealing boredom and blandness. They’ve missed out, because the Trump Train has been a thrill-ride of mischief, humor, and good old fashioned red-blooded American rebellion. Hillary’s dishonesty and condescending nature has forced all her Hollywood and media shills (and Bernie) to sound as authoritarian and corrupt as Hillary sounds, and now the American public is gleefully rebelling against these vapid institutions. Trump is cool, Hillary is a cringy grandma in a pantsuit scolding everyone that doesn’t vote for her. Why isn’t she 50 points ahead?

Because Hillary Clinton is Ghostbusters, and Donald Trump is Deadpool.


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