The Democratic Party Autopsy

If it was, it worked wonders.

Flashback to January 2012: Megyn Kelly does the walk of shame live on FOX as Mitt Romney is easily defeated by incumbent President Obama. Karl Rove melts down, unable to explain how his personally-selected polls could be so badly mistaken. The Republicans thought they had captured the White House by granting the Republican nomination to a wealthy Mormon that had zero connection to the American people. It was all very predictable. There was quite a bit of press during the news cycle that spoke of a “Republican Party autopsy”. Whether or not it was real, I have no idea.

Likewise, there was also some talk immediately after the election of the need for the Democrats to conduct their own autopsy, especially since they are the minority in the House and the Senate. Not having the White House was a huge blow, but now an aged Supreme Court is ripe for significant turnover. It’s a bad time for Democrats. Where is the autopsy? The media devote so much coverage to President Trump that the Democratic Party is failing to address any of the core concerns of their constituents. Whenever Democrats appear on tv or in print, it is almost always just a standard reaction against President Trump. Sometimes the attempt to articulate a concern is wrapped up in the rant, but the potency of both messages is lost. This is leading many to believe that the Democratic Party has no actual cohesive platform outside of a broad-metro appeal and the “resent and resist Trump” message.

The appointment of Clinton-crony Tom Perez to chairman of the DNC is a risky move. It alienated Sanders fans that wanted to see his protégé Keith Ellison appointed, so a new Deputy chairman position was created to appease that rabble. It was a cowardly half-measure. Although I believe that Ellison will do more harm than good, the jury is out on Perez. I think he’s scum, but this is a post where results matter, so maybe it’s the perfect job for a scumbag like Perez to be successful in. Look at Reince Preibus, chairman of the RNC. He steered the party to victory after victory all over the map, and now he’s White House chief of staff. Preibus is also probably a scumbag, but he’s been a superstar for the Republican Party. The midterms will be a big test for Perez, his head will be on the line.

I’ve already written at length about the need for Democrats to abandon Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, so I’ll keep it brief. Democrats need to stop chasing after the Sanders constituency. It’s not worth it. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze. First off, Bernie is old and will be dead soon. Second, he is dragging Democrats too far to the left, and the moderate blue-collar middle class voters are ebbing away from the Democrats as a result. He’s also causing some internal problems as well, splitting up the party. Are there any Democrats out there willing to actually challenge Sanders’ continued malignant presence to the party? I would find it refreshing to see a mid-Western Democrat take a stand and rant about the damage Sanders is doing, and it would put a stopper on the bleeding of middle class voters.

I’ve also written at length about the need for the Democratic Party to abandon the media. I now view it as more of an inevitability that some bold Democrat with a brain (again, hopefully a mid-Westerner) will take a stand and say “Screw Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon, what have those hacks done for us lately?” Public trust in mainstream media has sunk lower than faith in Congress. I believe the number was at 8% or so during the election, but then the media went ahead and completely blew the coverage. Everyone got so involved spewing talking points about how Trump might not concede that they ended up looking very foolish when Hillary didn’t concede. Every last shred of credibility was mortgaged on the outcome, and the media came up snake eyes. Now the coverage is all Red Scare, like McCarthyism on steroids. Did nobody read The Crucible or see the play? It was mandatory stuff when I was in public school. Bottom line: in a cord-cutting society, few take the media seriously anymore.

A word on propaganda now. The Republican Party must have become very tech literate over the last year, because there is an explosion of very appealing pro-Republican propaganda on the internet these days. Mark Dice, Milo, GOP War Room…these are the types of videos that use Jon Stewart’s old tactic of taking a bogus news story or a politician or celebrity activist and editing the video, making jokes about it and pointing out hypocrisy. Stewart mastered this style of political propaganda, but none of his successors…Colbert, Noah, Oliver…have been able to connect with people the way Stewart did during the Bush years. While Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee are flat-out trainwrecks, Colbert and Oliver have become the sad case of having once been relevant, but have faded into an unwatchable, unfunny mess. Perhaps Stewart benefited from not having to share his act, since there were fewer left-leaning political comedians during the Bush years. Nowadays, whether it’s Kimmel, Bee, Noah, Colbert, Oliver, Maher, Myers, SNL, or Amy Schumer, it is all anti-Trump, all-time. It’s all the same. It’s very boring and it makes an easy target for this new surge of right-leaning propaganda from fresh faces. The union between Democrats and Hollywood is no longer beneficial for Democrats, particularly since the middle class has nothing in common with rich celebrities.

One expression I see from time to time is that the Democratic Party “has no bench”. By this, the writer is using a pathetic sports cliché to say that the power brokers at the Democratic Party are past their prime, and that they have failed to build new stars. A lame sports metaphor doesn’t give the situation its’ proper context. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein…all geriatric. Perhaps the Democrats underestimated the importance of having more candidates in the field for the 2016 nomination. That was significant television real estate for up-and-coming Democrats to get some invaluable face time with the American people on a grand stage. Then again, the decision to not have a wide open field undoubtedly was the decision of Hillary Clinton. It really is time for the Democratic Party to let go of the glory years and move on quickly from their modern day ringleaders. Not only have the Democrats been reduced to a near-minority party, but now they don’t appear to have any cohesion whatsoever. When Jim Webb, a moderate Democrat from Virginia, challenged Nancy Pelosi for her minority speakership and was defeated, Democrats let a golden opportunity to bring some stability to the party go right down the drain. The sad thing is that after wrecking the party, these jackals are retiring, leaving it in sorrier shape than when they stepped into power.

Finally, the Democrats absolutely must distance themselves from President Obama. It seems to me that it seems to be that the reason the Republicans were able to clean up so well and take over the House, Senate, and White House is that they got away from George W. Bush as soon as his Presidency ended. He retreated to his mansion and hid away, painting silly pictures to take his mind off of the countless lives he had ruined. I don’t get the feeling that Barack Obama will go quietly off the way W. did, though he has exercised fair restraint considering how Donald Trump is destroying Obama’s legacy as President one executive order at a time. Democrats can’t get caught caring too much about whatever nonsense Obama is leveraging at a given time. His time is up, if he didn’t spend it wisely enough over eight years, then that’s his problem. To hell with Obama’s legacy and his ego.

Abandon wedge issues such as homosexuality, gun-control, the constant race-hustling, and abortion. Democrats have been getting hammered over all of these issues with the exception of homosexuality, which Republicans no longer classically oppose. I’m not convinced that the illegal immigration issue is a winning issue for the Democrats either. The public perception of illegal immigration is reciprocal to the economy: when the economy is good, nobody cares about illegal immigrants. When the economy sucks, illegal immigration becomes an issue. Right now, the economy still sucks, so illegal immigration is a big deal to many people.

So many things to fix. It’s looking like Megyn Kelly will be doing the walk of shame (again) in 2020, only this time she will be on NBC.

That’s assuming there’s still an NBC in 2020…and a Megyn Kelly…