The Coming Wave of Unemployment

In the past, machines replaced our brawn. Now they are quickly replacing our brains as well.

Many of us have suffered unemployment through no fault of our own and learned the hard way how life today is a big lottery. Others complacently scoff at us, thinking themselves secure. They shouldn’t be so self-assured. The next wave is coming, and this time a huge percentage of the workforce will discover they have become unemployable – even in the formerly immune, brainy professions.

What then? At the same time, the notion we cannot have abundance for all is an illusion. We can always set the machines to produce enough for all of us.

What we have here, then, is neither a technological nor an economic problem. It is purely a political one. Once we “put the people back into government”, as making government accountable to us has been called, we can implement a more social economic system in which the goods produced by our society are shared fairly with everybody’s needs in mind. Hence, bold political candidates like Bernie Sanders – who wish to represent not the special interests but us – merit our support. We need a shift in thinking and the political action to match it. And we don’t have forever.

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This post is a short digest of an article over 800 words in length such as I typically only dare to post on my own little blog where I need not worry about word limits and such. If interested you can read the full article here.

A 15 minute video released two years ago makes the second wave of human replacement pretty clear: Humans need not Apply


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