The Clintons: America’s Political CockRoaches

Make no mistake about it, the Clintons are a tag-teaming package deal.

Bill and Hillary Clinton stubbornly refuse to graciously bow out of politics, and they don’t have the decency to just fucking die and rid us of themselves once and for all. When it comes to coverage of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for POTUS, there is ample time between her increasingly infrequent gigs to ask a number of salient questions. For now, the media is caught in a bit of a tailspin tripping over a trainwreck in a feeble attempt to convince voters that they need to choke down another nothingburger while the smoking gun emails are buried. I find myself wondering why no one is bothering to stop and seriously ask why in the hell the Clintons are still trying to seize even more political power for themselves.

Even the staunchest, most libtarded democrat should take a moment of personal inventory and honestly ask themselves if they really want to put the Clintons back in the White House. It is a strange situation politically to see a former President continue to actively campaign, stump, endorse candidates, etc. To a rationale person, it looks as though Bill hasn’t left politics at all, which is precisely the point. Why can’t the Clintons just spend their lives counting their money somewhere private, or curing all the A.I.D.S., or something akin to that? If there be a history buff among us, by all means, let me know which former Presidents refused to relinquish their hold on their political party and continued to actively campaign in the pursuit of more political power. Say all the evil things you wish about George W. Bush, but at least he has had the decency to disappear from the Republican Party and spend his days painting. Bill Clinton has not shown the same courtesy, and the Democrat Party is suffering as a result. New blood is needed, which is why it was no small surprise to see Senator Barack Obama crush both the Clintons in the ’08 primaries.

When democrat voters were busy congratulating themselves on putting Senator Obama in the White House, a curious thing happened when Obama nominated Senator Hillary Clinton to the post of Secretary of State despite having beaten her in the 2008 Democratic Primaries. The move went largely unnoticed by an energized Democrat constituency, but the late Christopher Hitchens scrutinized the move on the grounds that the reason democrats elected Obama was so that they would no longer have to stomach the Clintons in American prime time politics. Looking back on it, I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing with Hitchens. The appointment breathed unnecessary new life into the Clinton’s, and they haven’t stopped campaigning since, nor has their blatant avarice for political power been satiated. Predictably, the media spun the appointment as a peace brokerage between two political adversaries, making then-new President Obama an instant super-leader with compassion for the Clintons.

Which brings us to 2016. The Clintons, even in their older and more feebler state, continue to be the face of the Democratic Party, and continue to pollute the internet and the airwaves with all kinds of propaganda about why they deserve at least four more years (they’re really shooting for the full eight) at the top of the mountain. Hillary Clinton looks and sounds a shell of herself from eight years ago when she last ran the political gauntlet, and Bill Clinton used up the last bit of his charm at his 2012 DNC speech. They have brought a tremendous amount of baggage with them in the form of scandals, and they have essentially said anything they could possibly ever say. Many of us are sick to death of the Clintons telling us that we need to vote for them because we have already heard every one of their sales pitches before. They’ve been campaigning for so long now and told so many untruths to beat scandal after scandal that it really does feel as though there is nothing left for them to say.

I desperately want to be able to say with conviction that if Donald Trump wins, that the Clinton camp will finally pack up and f**k off for good. However, politics is a strange game, and evil rich people tend to live forever. Knowing full well just how greedy and selfish the Clintons are for power, I seriously do not put it past them (should they lose) to still be at the DNC in four years time to steal the limelight away from every other Democrat. Contrarywise, should Hillary Clinton lose, I can’t say with true conviction that I would bet against her making another run at Trump. The Clintons are political cockroaches, and even when they’ve had their guts stomped they still seem to come back for more, but in a much nastier incarnation.

The other thing about cockroaches is that they lay eggs, and the larva that is Chelsea Clinton is currently carrying on the “noble work” of the Clinton Foundation by forging the same global power-play connections that her parents did. It’s a family racket, and the business of politics is a nepotistic one indeed. If Hillary Clinton wins this election, it will never be the end of them. America cosigning another 4 years of Clintonian politics will likely result in Chelsea throwing her hat into the political ring, most likely either a run for congress in Arkansas or an appointment to an ambassadorship in a country the Clintons have many friendly donors in. The Clintons have had more than their fair share of political power in their lifetime, and America has had all that they can take of their nonsense and scandals.