Susan Rice Goes Under Guillotine For Obama And Hillary. Again.

Don’t remember the name “Sam Bacile”? Surprisingly, nobody does. I’m sure Susan Rice would like to forget all about Sam.

Details are currently scant, but Eli Lake’s Bloomberg article that pegs Obama’s former National Security Adviser Susan Rice as responsible for politically-motivated domestic surveillance is a damning revelation indeed. It might be too soon to say whether or not Lake’s sensationalist “Smoking Gun Found” headline is justified, but for now it is certainly an interesting political power play. Unfortunately for Susan Rice, crap rolls downhill, and her last name isn’t “Clinton”. With Republicans in power, Get Out Of Jail Free cards for corrupt Democrats could be in short supply in the future, and, should Trump actually consider putting the screws to Obama’s legacy, Susan Rice might be poised to take the fall for Obama and Hillary. Again.

Shortly after the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012, something happened within the Obama Administration. Whatever it was, we will never truly know. What we do know is that Susan Rice got marching orders from Obama and Hillary to trot out in front of the American people and tell the world a bold-faced lie. The attack on the embassy, which resulted in the violent murder of a US ambassador (the first in roughly 40 years), was bizarrely blamed on a youtube video called “The Innocence of Islam”, directed by a mysterious person under the pseudonym “Sam Bacile”.

I’m not sure if the video is still up, but if you haven’t seen it, you should (EDIT: Film at bottom of article). Not for the content of course, but for the quality. It can hardly be called a “film” at all. It looks extremely low budget, is only 20 minutes long or so, and more closely resembles drunk college kids goofing around with a box of dated costumes. It is utterly unwatchable. I attempted to view it shortly after Susan Rice idiotically blamed the Benghazi attack on the film, and I did not understand at all what I was watching. Those quick to corroborate Obama’s crap pointed at the film and said it showed Mohammed as a homosexual pedophile, but I don’t recall anything of that sort. Whatever the case, this low quality production was blamed by Rice for the Benghazi attack, presumably at the behest of then-President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Sam Bacile was briefly shown being picked up by the authorities during that tumultuous news cycle, but of course he (or she) covered his (or her) face. No matter how many times Trey Gowdy or any other right-winger has ripped into the Benghazi wound, the internet video is mentioned, but never Sam Bacile. To this day, I don’t think anyone knows who Bacile is.

Regardless, Susan Rice took a nasty fall for whatever mess Obama and Hillary created in Libya. Her credibility was, predictably, destroyed in the aftermath of the Benghazi investigation. After all the investigations and Congressional Hearings, the true question has never been answered. WHAT HAPPENED LEADING UP TO THE BENGHAZI ATTACK? Obviously it wasn’t the piece of garbage youtube video, and that stupid little ruse fooled NO ONE. You certainly won’t find the answer if you read Hillary’s snoozefest “Hard Choices” book, which was essentially written with the sole purpose of trying to get the public (and historians) to believe her excuses for failing as Secretary of State. You also won’t find the answer by poring through the hundreds of hours of Congressional Hearings publicly available on youtube, and you will instead end up subjecting yourself to insanely torturous legal hair-splitting and vagueness. The Libyans were obviously still pissed about Operation Odyssey Dawn, which resulted in several US Navy Submarines raining Tomahawk Cruise Missiles into Libya to enforce the No-Fly Zone. Once the No-Fly Zone was established, Ghaddafi was killed in a drone strike. Even still, how was the Benghazi attack NOT prevented??? Instead of getting the truth, Rice is served by Obama and Hillary as a patsy, and the public (mostly) forgets, moves on.

But now Rice is back in the hot seat, apparently for wanting Trump’s potential campaign associates “unmasked”. The right is ready to crow that this vindicates Trump’s claim that he was being spied on by the Obama Administration, but the left is still meekly cowering behind the red blanket of McCarthyism. The end result? More endless legal hair-splitting about the concern of possible Russian involvement, more pleading the 5th, more appeals, and more garbage from the media attempting to defend her. It’s indefensible. And more Rice served up to prevent Obama or Hillary from taking the brunt of the blowback.

This time around, there’s no youtube video for Susan Rice to lie about. Susan Rice is going to get burned.


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