FBI Director James Comey has been subpoenaed. So has Clinton’s I.T. guy Paul Combetta at Platt River

And now Congress has issued an order to Reddit for the preservation of the (now deleted) posts from StoneTear, believed to be Paul Combetta. On top of that, Hillary Clinton skipped out on fundraisers on Monday, including one fundraiser in battleground state North Carolina. Guess how much of this stuff made the news? NONE OF IT.

I strongly encourage you to check out the #StoneTear during all this. There seems to be a deliberate attempt on the internet to censor just about anything related to the #StoneTear. Most Americans have no idea what is going on, but ever so slowly, the StoneTear is finally making its’ way into the headlines after a massive 60-hour $hit-post-athon on social media. The FBI may have let Clinton and her IT team off the hook once, but it does not look like it is going to happen again. The key difference this time is that instead of relying on the FBI to pursue evidence and justice, private citizens have decided to make the case instead. Their evidence is too strong to publicly ignore much longer. StoneTear is beyond a reasonable doubt Paul Combetta, and his Reddit post is severely incriminating.

A quick primer on StoneTear: Paul Combetta, the IT dweeb that managed Clinton’s secured server while she was Secretary of State, spent a good amount of time on the internet under the handle StoneTear, and Reddit was a site that he frequented for, among other things, answers to questions about managing sophisticated computer servers. FBI Director James Comey’s idiotic ruling that Clinton was “careless” but could not be charged because the intent to destroy could not be proven not only embarrassed himself, but now has embarrassed the entire FBI. A small group of dedicated Reddit users uncovered and archived all the posts from StoneTear about IT management and then connected the handle StoneTear to Paul Combetta over Reddit and a number of other social media platforms. The most damaging post is the one where Combetta solicits advice on how to alter email address headers that have been archived on the server. The Redditors that responded to him posted that doing so was extremely risky, and there existed no technology that could accomplish that. Enter Bleachbit. Note that this post was time-stamped for the day after Trey Gowdy subpoenaed Clinton for the missing emails she failed to provide during the Benghazi investigation. Reddit user Katica, a young 20-something college girl, uncovered this post, doxxed StoneTear to Combetta, and forwarded it to RepSteveSmith. Intent has been proven, and now Combetta’s “Oh, $hit moment” (as detailed by the FBI investigation) just became an “Oh, $hit life”. As soon as the story broke, Combetta immediately started deleting his entire digital footprint, but the damage has already been made permanent, and those hunting him in cyberspace bore witness to him deleting in real time. It’s on youtube.

Some other pieces of incriminating evidence that show up in the pile of evidence that Redditors uncovered are also what appears to be specific tech specs of the server itself. Also, note that Combetta claims in a post to have total access to the information on the server despite testifying he had no clearance. It even looks as though Combetta allowed anonymous persons on Reddit to ping the server for test purposes. There was also a rumor that Combetta posted on (under the StoneTear handle) that his client (Hillary) needed a blackberry phone because she had Parkinsons, but this doesn’t seem as legit as the Reddit posts. Combetta now appears to also be guilty of deleting the evidence he left for years on

Combetta was already given immunity for his testimony, but his testimony was the pitiful “Oh, $hit moment” defense, which nobody honestly believes because it doesn’t explain why he used bleachbit. The FBI said they could not prove there was an intent to use bleachbit to destroy the emails, and now they have a Reddit post that clearly demonstrates Combetta was ordered to destroy the subpoenaed emails. Furthermore, it also demonstrates that Combetta lied to the FBI, which negates his immunity.

The media, by the way, is being very publicly shamed via social media. Twitter users have been $hitposting every major news network, anchor, and writer for refusing to cover this bombshell. As the story has gained momentum and reached a couple mainstream outlets (Fox, Fortune Magazine, The Hill, Washington Post) more twitter users have joined the party. Also, hackers have been attracted to the opportunity to expose more information, such as the legal bill for Combetta which was picked up by the Clinton’s lawyer.

FBI Director James Comey is the one left holding the bag. When the Oversight Committee gets a hold of the FBI’s files on the investigation of the deleted emails, they will be focusing on whether or not the FBI were ever made aware of StoneTear. This will doom the FBI no matter what the answer is. If the FBI were not made aware of the StoneTear Reddit posts, they look incompetent and Combetta loses immunity, faces new charges, plus the new evidence requires re-opening the investigation. If the FBI’s notes reveal they were made aware of the StoneTear Reddit posts, then the FBI is complicit in covering up a whole host of crimes. Either way, Comey is officially screwed. I can practically hear him tendering his resignation as I type.

I can’t help but point out something I’ve noticed while monitoring the #StoneTear live on twitter. Katica, the Reddit user that exposed StoneTear used the #MAGA and has been seen posting in the comments section of Breitbart. She is clearly Alt Right, which I’ve said all along is going to delete Clinton. But I have also seen a ton of $hitposters using the hashtags for supporting Sanders and bringing Bernie Sanders back on to the ballot. On the one hand, this confirms my suspicion that Clinton fractured the Democratic Party when they screwed Bernie Sanders, and it also confirms that Hillary will NEVER get the millennial vote. But, even if this scandal blows up and ENDS Clinton, I still don’t think Bernie Sanders is a viable choice. He has already taken a drink from the poisoned chalice. The most ardent Sanders supporters claim that Bernie was forced to become a Clinton surrogate, but I think that’s even more reason why Sanders can not be trusted. Even if he was forced, he took the coward’s way instead of standing up to corruption. That is disqualifying, and anyone willing to overlook that is a fool.

Unlike the Guccifer 2.0 leaks or the wikileaks, the Reddit evidence can not be blamed on Russian hackers. Everything looks to be in place, so I’m going to go ahead and offer an analysis of what might happen. I believe FBI Director Comey is going to resign soon, his credibility has been destroyed. Combetta will likely cut a deal that results in implicating Cheryl Mills and/or Huma Abedin, which I think will finish off Clinton’s campaign for good. Personally, I would like to see Hillary Clinton back in the hot-seat, but that seems to be a longshot. It is more likely that one of her noxious A.I.D.E.S. will take the fall and rely on President Obama to instruct Loretta Lynch to allow them to get off somehow. I also think that President Obama’s days of stumping for Clinton are finally over. The FBI and the Department of Justice already turned a blind-eye towards Clintons’ crimes once, and now the public has unearthed and brought forth the evidence the FBI said does not exist. There is no point in pretending there is no evidence of a crime anymore, and an attempt to do so would result in disaster for the Obama Administration.

Watergate, meet StoneTear. Woodward and Bernstein, meet Katica.


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