Smoking Gun Control

Hillary Clinton’s ironic “lots of smoke…no fire” defense against accusations of bribe-taking is laughable.

If we must degrade ourselves to speak in annoyingly vague euphemisms, then I have to point out that all of that smoke is coming from a “smoking gun”. Unfortunately, the political connotation of the “smoking gun” euphemism has been raped to death by mainstream media to the point where there’s no purpose in even using it anymore. The smoking gun is dead.

As Clintonian political scandals that were set in motion years ago continue to pile up, so too has the American public grown sick of hearing about all the scandalous behavior of the Clintons. The pathetic apologists in the media as we speak are twisting into pretzels in an attempt to lure people into believing that this is all one elaborate smear campaign ( A conspiracy you say? Someone get Alex Jones!), but the data currently shows that Hillary Clinton’s unfavorability rating has hit an all-time career-high. America is not buying the Democrat’s loony conspiracy theory, we know a “smoking gun” when we see one.

Remember former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wonderful partner in crime/wife Maureen? McDonnell made the idiotic mistake of getting involved with another one of those bogus herbal pill peddlers in an obvious gross abuse of government powers. Long story short, despite getting a rolex, a NYC shopping spree, “loans”, a Ferrari, vacations, and a number of other spoils of political conquest, the media could not help themselves from racing to use the tired cliché “no smoking gun here!” in their epic failure to properly cover the story. McDonnell did get convicted, then appealed, then who the hell knows or cares anymore. My biggest concern is the shameless media shooting from the hip in an effort to bury the smoking gun.

It’s obvious what the problem is. The problem is the media has very narrowly restricted their interpretation of the “smoking gun”. Pay no mind to the fact that McDonnell received an engraved rolex as a “gift” in exchange for using the Governor’s Mansion for a sales conference. The media’s interpretation of a smoking gun has been limited to a written document, video, e-mail, or text message of Bob McDonnell explicitly saying “Hey, if you give me some bribes in the form of gifts, I will abuse my power as Governor to hock your snake oil”. Without that correspondence that concretely lays out the scandal, you have no smoking gun, and the outlets just love to be the first in line to vomit up that euphemism. Common sense Americans know a smoking gun when they see one, and they don’t take too kindly to the media attempting to whitewash an obviously obvious scandal, especially in an age where the public has minimal trust in the media. Courts be damned, we all know white collar criminals eventually either win on appeal or get their sentence commuted (or, in the case of ENRON fraud Ken Lay, die in their Aspen vacation home before sentencing). But do we really have to settle for a media that continuously minimizes the importance of reasonably damning evidence? With McDonnell, I really could care less since I’m not a Virginian, but these days I find myself abhorred by the media’s refusal to call Hillary Clinton’s fireless smoke a smoking gun.

If we’ve learned nothing else about the Clintons, we at least know that they will not be out-scandaled by anyone. Not by the Bushes, and certainly not by the Kennedys. The recent revelation of the e-mails demonstrated the Clinton Foundation soliciting massive donations, and a number of these high-stakes donors received access to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, yet there is no indictment in sight. Newspapers and online outlets gleefully jumped the gun and trumpeted the alleged scandal of having “no smoking gun” because nobody was ever able to recover the email that said “give a bunch of money to my foundation and I will deal you Uranium #ImWithHer”. To compound the absurdities, Clinton’s defense (both hers as well as her apologists in the media) is to point to the meetings she had that weren’t with donors. In a nutshell, this is the equivalent of being caught stealing from the register and saying “But boss, I only stole from the register when I wasn’t dealing with customers”. It’s indefensible. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to smear the political watchdog group for being conservative, that’s quintessential Clintonian politics, straight from the Democratic playbook (Lois Lerner much?).

Special mention has to be given to the bozos at Mother Jones. In a cringy attempt to be cool, they tend to substitute the “nothingburger” euphemism for “smoking gun” (the connotation is slightly different, but it is being used the same way). Even though they did a bang-up job of covering the 2012 election, they seem to have joined the rest of the mainstream media in turning a blind eye to what is obviously another Clinton scandal. The Clinton Foundation got greedy during Hillary’s time as Secretary of State, but Mother Jones keeps insisting that all the evidence is nothing but a big fat nothingburger. Between you and me, Mother Jones has cooked up enough BS nothingburgers this election to give us all nothingdiabetes.


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