Sick Of Comey!

Former FBI Director James Comey felt queasy. He felt nauseous. He was uncomfortable. He hid behind curtains.

And, in his own words, he said on nine separate occasions “I could be wrong”, deferring to his typical lawyerly double-speak, wrapped up in his faux-folksiness. Lordy, I am so sick of this guy. Will no one rid us of this meddlesome boob?

If you watched the Comey kangaroo court unfold live on television, what you saw depends on your political views. If you are a Trump supporter, you saw James Comey corroborate that Trump was not under investigation, as well as calling the February 14th New York Times article on Trump collusion with Russia (which quoted anonymous sources) “not true”, which is a charge I believe The New York Times should answer for. Comey also made a serious allegation that Loretta Lynch instructed him to parse his language during the election season regarding the Clinton investigation. AND HE COMPLIED. Then there is the stunning revelation that James Comey leaked information to a Columbia Professor with the instruction to then leak to the New York Times.

But if you are in the anti-Trump camp, you probably saw something different. You saw James Comey call President Trump a liar and lay out a case for obstruction of justice relevant to the Michael Flynn investigation. It’s an extremely shaky case built on a “memo”, a “pledge of loyalty”, and a mountain of conjecture over the phrase “I hope” , but the anti-Trump camp will take what they can get these days. To them, this will be all that is required to further their anti-Trump clickbait addiction.

I could care less what people believe. The Comey hearing did not live up to the obnoxious hype. Not even close. Rather, it was pretty much what I said it was going to be: Comey doing a lot of talking and saying nothing of substance. He didn’t drop any “bombshells” (clickbait buzzword). The police didn’t storm into the Oval Office and arrest the President of the United States. It was no different than any other Comey hearing.

Which brings me to my thesis. Left or Right, can we not agree that we are sick of this guy? I get queasy just thinking about more Comey clickbait, more Comey hearings, more inconsequential political theater. The more he continues to insert himself into the political arena, the more Americans should be grateful that this guy was fired when he was. The moment he announced re-opening the Clinton investigation on October 28th, he sealed his fate. No FBI Director should insert themselves so callously into the Presidential election, where they most certainly don’t belong. Waffling on it a week later and closing the investigation is doubly horrendous because it shows that he re-inserted himself into the election. Without question, James Comey earned his pink slip by his own reckless actions.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Have we not forgotten the original sin that set this trainwreck in motion? It always comes back to Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server and dissemination of classified materials. Between Loretta Lynch’s meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton and James Comey’s decision to not proceed with criminal charges, both Lynch and Comey ended up taking the fall for Hillary’s criminal actions. Without Hillary’s illegal private server, none of these events unfold. The credibility of all three of these government stooges has been nil ever since. After Comey decided not to proceed with criminal charges, he’s been justifiably raked over the coals by both Democrats and Republicans. Republicans have never forgiven Comey for not proceeding with charges against Hillary, and Democrats have angrily flip-flopped more than once on Comey. His latest stunt shows a pathetic willingness to ingratiate himself to Democrats and the media in an attempt to salvage his reputation. For Comey though, his reputation is unsalvageable. He has brought too much attention upon himself and sullied the credibility of the entire FBI. History will not remember this goon kindly. His reputation as an honorable boyscout is finished.

But the business of Comey clickbait is well out of the control of James Comey. He doesn’t seem to understand that though he has ingratiated himself, President Trump is a master at manipulating the media to cover what he wants. Furthermore, President Trump is in power whereas James Comey has been stripped of his powers. As of right now, President Trump wants the media to cover the “Comey leaked” storyline, and, thanks to the avarice of clickbait, the media are happily and foolishly complying. The more that the Democrats chase Comey for their fabled silver bullet to end the Trump Presidency, the more they will be disappointed. Comey doesn’t have it. He lived up to his reputation as a human nothingburger, never capable of delivering the goods when it matters.

Queasy Comey never had the stomach for the job.