Sharp Analysis of Running Independent

Dirk Droll

When we want necessary change and no more corrupt politicians, we get mocked and told that we’re showing up to a knife fight with a spoon. I say, when a true people’s candidate tries to run for office within a major party that cheats him out of the race, that is showing up to a knife fight with a spoon. Leaving such a corrupt party to run as an independent is picking up a gun, because either winning or being a “spoiler” will topple the corrupt party bosses who cheated the honest candidate that way (at least when he is running against one of of them). In the attached video, Mike Figueredo sees Tim Canova’s courageous move the same way.

In short, we the people have been played by the major parties for way too long. It's time that we the people play hardball, too.


Dirk Droll is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Beanstock’s World.

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What an incredible post. Beautifully constructed! Thank you so much for providing plenty of useful content.


Breaking up in the blue camp. Wonder what happens to the blue wave now


wow, this is certainly courageous. I have to agree with him that the democratic party seems to have lost its way, I hope the voters can be courageous too and go away from the democratic dirty tactics.