Sarah Palin Should Sue The New York Times

It’s a sad day for The New York Times when they find themselves at the mercy of Tea Party huckster Sarah Palin.

Just look at the photograph I posted above, taken at the 2013 CPAC Conference. She’s drinking a 7-11 Big Gulp and railing about then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “soda tax”. It’s embarrassing. I’ve never been able to take Sarah Palin seriously in the world of politics, and I strongly doubt that I ever will.

Yet, now Sarah Palin is coyly toying with the idea of suing The New York Times for libel. In the wake of James T. Hodgkinson attempting to assassinate Republican members of Congress, The New York Times’ Editorial Board ran this article which tried to pin the Gabrielle Gifford shooting by Jeremy Loughner in 2011 on Sarah Palin’s “target vulnerable Democrat districts” (using crosshairs) web site. The only problem is that story was debunked years ago when a thorough investigation turned up no political motivation, and Loughner had never been exposed to Palin’s propaganda.

In true Orwellian fashion, The New York Times has already re-written the article I linked above and issued a correction, but the damage is done. They’ve lost the moral high ground to Sarah Palin, a feat that really demonstrates how far The New York Times has sunk in credibility. I’ve already stated numerous times that lazy blogging has replaced investigative factual journalism at The New York Times (see my previous article Peter Baker Is A Hack) as well as at the Washington Post, but the Alexandria shooting article by the New York Times is seriously alarming because it was issued by the Editorial Board.

The editors at The New York Times have utterly disgraced the newspaper by making a mistake this careless. Shouldn’t the editors at The New York Times be sharp enough about reporting to know which stories have and have not been debunked, and which ones are fair game for soapboxing and hair-splitting? The seriousness of the mistake can not be understated since it demonstrates such a significant bias. These are the editors of the New York Times, for Christ’s sake. Are they so biased that they knowingly committed libel or are they so partisan and incompetent that they made such a reckless mistake? It’s one or the other. What’s worse is that The New York Times’ Editorial Board also incorrectly stated that Palin’s propaganda featured photos of the vulnerable Democrats with crosshairs. In reality, it was a map with the districts in the crosshairs (still kinda tasteless). The Editorial Board was extremely sloppy and obviously didn’t fact check. What an arrogant mistake.

There has been plenty of bad journalism and punditry from mainstream news sources in the social media era of politics. Major outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and The New York Times have made it abundantly clear that they are incapable of covering The Trump Administration without adopting a snide tone and grandstanding on the basis of “moral purity”. Nothing printed or aired resembles classical journalism in the slightest, everything instead resembles the work of disgraced fabulists like Sabrina Erdsley (formerly of Rolling Stone, wrote debunked UVA campus rape story) and Stephen Glass (formerly of New Republic, wrote multiple debunked stories like Hack Heaven and Spring Breakdown).

The difference between The New York Times and Erdsley/Glass is that no one at The New York Times (or the Washington Post for that matter) pays a price when they turn out to be debunked. Corrections are issued and “anonymous sources” are stood by, even when the former director of the FBI says that a story is untrue while under oath. It has become extremely embarrassing at The New York Times lately, they have most certainly earned the right to be called “fake news”.

Sarah Palin should sue The New York Times for libel. Granted, libel is extremely difficult to prove, but The New York Times deserves it and might even meet the threshold. The fact that the Editorial Board of The New York Times made such an unbelievably stupid journalistic mistake means punishment is needed. Not only will their credibility be publicly flagellated, but the paper itself should also consider cleaning house. If their Editorial Board is making these types of lazy errors or openly committing libel, then their Editorial Board needs to face the music. They aren’t good at their jobs, and the credibility of the paper is suffering. They’ve been beaten by lightweight Sarah Palin, they don’t deserve to be in the news business.

Tell me again how The New York Times Editorial Board “rededicated itself” after the election? Perhaps the New York Times should “re-rededicate itself” by terminating their worthless editors.


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