Sanders Is Finished

The Bern has fizzled out. James T. Hodgkinson, a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders

Has crashed the anti-Trump narrative that has dominated media, television, and left-leaning news. Before today, the dominant narrative was that Trump supporters were dumb, violent and intolerant people, and that ideological purity and morality was the sole domain of the Democratic Party.

No more. The anti-Trump hysteria has recently elicited some violent and detestable behaviors. Look at all the ANTIFA violence. Or the racist madness that is leading to the collapse of Evergreen University in Olympia, Washington. Or how about the violence from the counter protestors that crashed the anti-Sharia marches? Kathy Griffin’s ISIS-inspired headless blunder? The tacky Trump assassination at Shakespeare in the Park in New York City? I could go on all day.

This isn’t to suggest that only the far-left Sanders wing is responsible for inflammatory rhetoric. It’s been all the rage since President Trump won election, with media, Hollywood, and even the sports world piling on to float this narrative that Donald Trump is an evil dictator that must be stopped.

Unfortunately for Sanders, he is the one left holding the bag. His inflammatory rhetoric (video at bottom) post-election has been violent. He has been calling for “resistance”, telling his supporters that Donald Trump is “the most dangerous president”, that “he must be stopped”, etc. Let’s also not forget that this is the second violent atrocity at the hands of one of Bernie’s supporters. Jeremy Christian, the anti-Muslim psycho that killed people on a train in Portland, Oregon, was also a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders. Now that Congressman Steve Scalia has been shot because of another lunatic Sanders supporter, it might be time for crazy foolish Bernie to tamp down his inflammatory rhetoric. I don’t care how much money he’s raked in with his pseudo-Alex Jones nonsense (with a perverse socialist twist), it is having a negative effect.

Bernie Sanders hasn’t exactly been winning. He lost the Democratic nomination, he endorsed Hillary Clinton, and the two losing candidates in the special elections in Kansas and Montana, plus his protégé Keith Ellison lost the bid for DNC chair. Sanders is an independent that has siphoned away young voters from the Democratic Party with pro-socialist and quasi-revolutionary nonsense. Instead of chasing after the Sanders’ constituency, the Democratic Party should focus on trying to win back the middle class that has fled to the Trump-led Republican Party. My guess is that, after this incident, we will see the Democratic Party starting to distance itself from Sanders because of the negative publicity.

I reckon Bernie Sanders doesn’t have much time left in his life. In the last 5 years or so, Sanders has carved out a significant niche for himself in American politics, but it appears that he did not understand what he was doing. When the grassroots campaign money was flowing and the inflammatory speeches were getting quality airtime, how could anything be amiss? He pandered heavily towards the idealistic far leftists, achieving quite a bit of internet notoriety in the process. But a price must be paid. All his angry rhetoric, which I tend to believe was ultimately just about convincing people to donate money, has boiled over and culminated in an extremely chaotic and ugly attack on Republicans in Congress.

This will kill off Sanders’ credibility. I wrote months ago that the Democratic Party needed to wise up and dump him, and that they were wasting their time and resources chasing after the Bernie constituency. Now it is too late. The Democrats are inextricably linked to Bernie, and Bernie is now inextricably linked to inciting political violence. His “movement” won’t be taken seriously any more, and history will reflect that his inflammatory political rhetoric had very real and very bloody consequences.

Sorry Bern-outs…your movement is dead.

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