Sanders Burning Own Supporters And Credibility

How gut-wrenching it must be for Sanders loyalists to see Bernie stumping

For the candidate that cheated him out of the nomination. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has proven to be an interesting wild card in this election cycle, and I’m not convinced the Democratic Party is making a wise move in serving him up as a surrogate to cull the millennial vote. Sending Bernie Sanders out to stump for Hillary Clinton in her relentless pursuit of the Presidency is not going to have the desired effect of winning Clinton any young voters, but this seems to be the route they have chosen. Speaking to a typically lifeless crowd of only 150 people in battleground Ohio, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has put Senator Sanders in a position where he is forced to self immolate.

For starters, let me reiterate that only 150 people turned out for the Sanders-stumps-for-Clinton speech in swing state Ohio. This is a far, far cry away from the massive crowds Sanders was turning out when he was running for the Democratic Nomination, but it’s not difficult to understand why. His pie-in-the-sky pitch for the vote appealed to the young and altruistic cuck-eyed optimists that nebbishly coveted a social revolution of super-peace. Suffice it to say, in the grand scheme of prime time politics, it was merely a faint echo of the 2012 Ron Paul campaign in that it attracted young millennials, college crowds, Occupy Wall Street apologists, etc. But nevertheless, the Sanders campaign appealed to a large chunk of hyper-liberal Democrats that zealously donated and pushed their candidate all the way to the finish line in the Democratic Primaries. Unfortunately, just like Ron Paul in 2012, Bernie Sanders was likewise skunked in favor of an inferior candidate. Those feeling the bern got burned. Sanders loyalists to this day insist that Clinton cheated Sanders out of a legitimate shot at the Presidency. They even protested the Democratic National Convention by walking out (check out THOSE videos on youtube!).

Fine, so be it. Hillary fracturing the Democratic Party means that Hillary is on her own, right? WRONG. In the ever important swing state of Ohio, the 150 or so pitiful Sanders loyalists that haven’t already abandoned the corrupted Democratic Party bore witness to Bernie Sanders selling his last shred of dignity by begging for his supporters to just forgive and forget by voting Clinton. It was beyond pathetic, it was downright heart-breaking. The once-magnetizing darling of the Democratic Party might as well have committed hara-kiri, there certainly would have been much more honor in that.

Sanders supporters are still smarting from the wikileaks DNC hack that demonstrated a massive scandal through the primaries by DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. If you are of the type that doesn’t put much stock in wikileaks (I’m on the fence myself), rest assured that this leak was damaging enough to cause Wasserman-Schultz to resign her lofty position. I didn’t follow the story that closely, but the general consensus seems to be that Clinton and Wasserman-Schultz colluded to deliberately ostracize and minimize the amount of attention the DNC would show Sanders and effectively steal the nomination through bought super-delegates. For the Democratic Party, it was a capricious move: On the one hand, Sanders realistically wouldn’t have been a strong Presidential candidate. On the other hand though, Sanders had an energized following and a popular brand name. Even giving people the impression that Sanders was being cheated was a fatal mistake since it caused such a nasty split amongst younger voters that were star-struck by the (failed) Bernie revolution.

So stumping for Clinton in the ever-important swing state of Ohio, Bernie Sanders pleaded with 150 people by saying “Now is not the time for a Protest Vote”. This empty statement is coming from a man that so famously is pictured being arrested and dragged away for Civil Rights protesting in the 60’s, the same man that protested/voted against the post-September 11 Invasion of Iraq. All of a sudden, when Clinton’s name is on the marquee does he feel the need to tell his enraged supporters that protesting is not an option, that a vote for Clinton is imperative, and that his supporters need to swallow the political poison pill. Simply amazing. This is a move that has backfired before even starting. Sanders loyalists hate Hillary, which is why only 150 people had the stomach to show up and listen to a sickening stump speech. If anything, the loyalists that did show up probably left the speech feeling more bitter than before.

Face it, Hillary is not going to get the millennial vote. Pissing off the passionate and young Sanders’ constituency was a fatal mistake beyond rectification, and shoving Bernie on stage for a hideous encore only serves as a reminder to his loyalists just how gross and manipulative Hillary plays the game. If they were undecided about Hillary before, rest assured that seeing Sanders apologize for Clinton in a battleground state is the last straw. It should be obvious by this point anyway since in the wake of Hillary’s possible declining health there has been a strong (but ultimately meaningless) push from Sanders loyalists to get Bernie to replace Hillary as the Democratic Nominee. The Washington Times even ran an article saying that 48% of all Democrats want Bernie Sanders to replace Hillary Clinton on the ballot, which should give the Democratic Party an idea of just how big of a mistake it was to let Hillary Clinton back into politics. Even Business Insider recently published an article claiming that the Parkinsons’ Rumor was being perpetuated by burned Sanders loyalists. Again, even if Sanders were to miraculously replace Hillary this close to the deadline, he would be creamed. But I can’t blame the wishful for wishing…

You can always count on me to only ever and always tell the truth, and here it is: Bernie’s supporters aren’t going to back Hillary. Sanders was a candidate that offered young voters the appeal of being the “anti-establishment” candidate. Once Clinton swindled him, Donald Trump became the anti-establishment candidate by virtue of being overly-smeared in the media. Seeing Sanders stump for Clinton rips open fresh stitches and only makes them angrier. They have turned away and they aren’t coming back. No, dumbass Mother Jones, Bernie Sanders coming off the bench is NOT going to save Hillary’s sinking campaign. When Hillary Clinton gave her idiotic Alt-Right speech, she was smearing Sanders supporters. When she made her idiotic “basket of deplorables” remark, she was alienating Sanders supporters. Your enthusiastic voters belong to us now. They are the Alt Right in our Basket of Deplorables. And that, Bleachaholics, is the sickest bern of them all!

viva les deplorables!


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