Revolt at the Base: The Justice Democrats

Out of last year’s awakening of millions of Americans to the fact

That both sides of our party duopoly have sunk to the level of utmost corruption came the sprouting up of organizations intended to give us – the people – a way to elect true representatives into office — representatives who won’t represent only the robber billionaires and their crooked banks and multinational corporations, at the same time providing the rest of us with the dog-and-pony show of a fake democracy, a fake democracy in which they work hard to split us up over issues of race, religion, all sorts of relatively minor political issues, and the ever popular gimmick of party loyalty. I have previously mentioned BrandNewCongress, OurRevolution, and the Berniecrats Network, all of which arose from the Sanders campaign with the goal of promoting and supporting fresh blood in politics. I also just learned of Swing Left, which seems to be a similar approach with a focus on swing districts. And now, last week, the fray was joined by a promising new organization which challenges our current “Democratic” Party with infiltration and reform. This latest hot thing is called The Justice Democratsand it is off to a great start.

This new organization hopes (as Bernie Sanders apparently did and still does) to wind back the corruption which has taken over the “Democratic” Party and make it the party of working people again — the party for the vast majority of the American people, in other words. It hopes to do so by replacing the party’s old guard with brand new candidates nominated by people like you and me. To some degree, this approach resembles that of BrandNewCongress and OurRevolution, but it seems more aggressive and has a promising alternative media presence, especially in the form of the Young Turks and progressive youtuber Kyle Kulinski; which means that, while most antiestablishment efforts have great trouble making themselves known – what with the corporate media blacking them out – the Justice Democrats have at least one or two large players in the new alternative media as their bullhorns.

Thanks to this exposure and outreach, the first 48 hours saw over 50,000 people signing up at, the donation of $200,000 in grassroots funding, and the nomination of 950 candidates to run for office. The organization’s operatives are likewise impressive. They include important members of Bernie Sanders’ groundbreaking campaign, specifically people who worked on his campaign’s organizing of young voters via smartphone apps.

I haven’t recently heard much about the current state of BrandNewCongress and OurRevolution, so I am unsure how far they are getting, but The Justice Democrats organization, with its alternative media presence, is an exciting new development on the scene, lending new hope to those wishing to reform the “Democratic” Party.

This is their platform (please don’t let yourself be turned off by one or two issues you might disagree with – in this world of packaged platforms we must look for the overall best package, and this looks pretty good, I think):

1.Run a unified campaign to replace every corporate-backed member of Congress and rebuild the party from scratch.

2.Pass a constitutional amendment to put an end to Washington corruption and bring about election reform.

3.Re-regulate Wall Street and hold white-collar criminals accountable.

4.End billionaire and corporate tax dodging, fix the system to benefit middle-class and poor people.

5.Defend free speech and expression.

6.Oppose bigotry.

7.Make the minimum wage a living wage and tie it to inflation.

8.Ensure universal healthcare as a right.

9.Ensure universal education as a right.

10.End unnecessary wars and nation building.

11.End the failed war on drugs.

12.Create the new new deal.

13.Create the renewable energy revolution.

14.Block the TPP and all outsourcing deals that will further damage the middle-class.

15.End Constitutional overreaches.

16.Ban arming human rights violators.

17.Enact common-sense gun regulation.

18.Ensure paid vacation time, sick time, maternity leave, childcare.

19.Abolish the death penalty.

20.Defend and protect women’s rights.

21.Enact police reform.

I think, this may make for a great new tool for those of us fed up with our rigged system. We should, however, not overlook some caveats.

Here are some pro and con considerations:

1.One argument against running with The Justice Democrats is that this attempt will fail because non-establishment candidates have too many obstacles to overcome, but even if we only get one true representative in, someone who shakes up the halls of power like Bernie Sanders did or, better yet, a lot harder, then it’s been worth the effort.

2.If The Justice Democrats candidates fall short of their goals, but have measurable success, then the establishment “Democrats” may be pushed in a more progressive direction out of fear that they will keep losing elections and congressional power.

3.On the Republican side, the Tea Party “movement” had a lot of success in shaking up the GOP and pushing it into even greater corrupt right wing extremism (since the Tea Party was a corporate-funded false flag effort all along). If it could do this, the Justice Democrats candidates may likewise take a pretty big axe to the “Democratic” Party.

4.A large part of the traditionally “Democratic” base are pissed. They are pissed about how bad things are and that they have no party to represent them. They are looking hard for representation. They are also pissed at the “Democratic” Party establishment for having abandoned and betrayed them and being anything but democratic. This double outrage is a strong motivating force.

5.To many of us, the “Democratic” Party is so pervasively corrupt (no less than the Republican Party) that any attempt to reform it looks hopeless. That’s why so many of us wished for Bernie Sanders to run independent or in the Green Party when it became obvious the corporate establishment “Democrats” were screwing him out of the race. Therefore, some voices say, a third party is the only way. Proponents of the attempt to reform the “Democratic” Party say that third parties have too small a chance of success. Personally, I believe that both approaches are valid, that they can go hand in hand, and that they both will do good even if they are only partially successful.

And here are two more thoughts of importance:

  • With all our election rigging, attempts like this may be an almost-wasted effort. On the other hand, I keep urging everybody that we must fight on many fronts simultaneously, election integrity being the most important one. And if we fight on many fronts, some of the establishment’s front lines may eventually break. It may be the only way to overcome the oligarchs’ power.
  • The last of the three videos I link to below hints at an effort being underway to create an alternative to traditional leadership, not pre-packaged deals from above but public discussion, organizing, and action at the grassroots level to unite all or most “regular” Americans, perhaps along the lines of what I have been suggesting for a long time.

You can learn more in news and commentary videos such as these:

1.The Democratic Party Takeover HAS BEGUN (a ~15 minute announcement by The Young Turks) — This one is also embedded as feature video of this article.

2.JUSTICE DEMOCRATS: Taking Back The Broken & Corrupt Democratic Party(over an hour long and very informative, by Kyle Kulinski)

3.You Can’t Vote Them Out if You Can’t Vote Them In; Follow Up Justice Democrats Critique Video (This is the video which argues that, without election integrity, all efforts of this kind are moot. It gives interesting background information from the time of the Sanders campaign and hints at a forming new alternative to our traditional leadership)

If you wish to participate, you can visit the The Justice Democrats website, where you can join, donate, or nominate a candidate from your own circles (even yourself).

If you wish to keep tabs on this development, you can regularly watch the Young Turks or it’s associated Jimmy Dore Show, which are likely to report on it in the future; or you might follow Kyle Kulinski on his Secular Talk show, as he wrote much of the platform and may also report more on it. Likewise, if Twitter is your thing, you can follow @JusticeDems or search for the hashtag #JustUs.

Let’s see if perhaps a Tea Party for the Dems arises from this.