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Hello All,

As Many of you know Steve is a competitive power lifter when he’s not working or producing the show. He has the opportunity to participate in an event by the name of Relentless Detroit, which is fund raising power lifting meet for the HopeKids foundation.

“HopeKids provides ongoing events, activities and a powerful, unique support community for families who have a child with cancer or some other life-­threatening medical condition. We surround these remarkable children and their families with the message that hope can be a powerful medicine” . – HopeKids Mission Statement.

Steve is raising money to assist the organization and donate to the children and their families. Please help Steve hit his goal by donating here.

Steve deadlifting 800lbs, and planning on lifting more for HopeKids

Steve is an accomplished powerlifter and ranked in the top 100 in the world in his weight class and top 200 in the world based on total (squat, bench, and deadlift). Steve trains for strength but also for aesthetics and health. While the lifting portion of the fundraiser is an added bonus, he’s doing this for the children and their families.

Stephen’s nephew Naji was born with a heart defect that required surgery within months of his being born, and has Down’s Syndrome. Naji has a wonderful smile and personality, but due to his special needs, he will likely always require special care and assistance.

Stephen’s nephew in a candid moment reminding us all to smile.

Stephen and his family are aware of the challenges families face when they have a child with special needs and while families do what they have to do to make ends meet, sometimes help from an outside source comes just at the right time.

Stephen’s niece Savannah was recently born with a cleft lip and palate and will require numerous surgeries to repair. Again the family is prepared to deal with the obstacles ahead, but not all families are as fortunate as Stephen’s. Stephen is raising money for those families that don’t have the support or the funds, or maybe have tapped all their resources for the time being. He’s doing this to help those kids who have done nothing wrong and do not deserve to suffer because their parents don’t have enough money.

Stephen’s niece sleeping like the angel she is.

To be clear the money donated will not be going to Whiskey Congress or Stephen or his family. This money will go to other families with situations similar to Stephen’s family or in many cases worse. Children should not have to go without certain basic needs and she not lose hope because their parents give everything for them to survive. This money allows for relief of some of the financial pressure these families face due to medical bills and special services above and beyond what healthy boys and girls require. Please, if you have something to spare, donate here to show your support.

Thank you for supporting our show and thank you for taking the time to support this very important cause. We appreciate the love and support we have received from our fans for some of our other efforts and expect that the same love and support will shine through for  this meaningful cause.


Thank you all Again,


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