Real #Politics With Real People #E7: Midterm Fallout

We discuss one subject with a panel of Political Storm Contributors with diverse political opinions.

Welcome back to Real #Politics With Real People. This show takes on one subject a week that will be discussed by a panel of Political Storm Contributors with diverse political opinions.


Ron Litchman "The Libertarian Light"

Alexis Chapman


The question I posed to the panel was this: When did “Nationalism” become a dirty word? Is it just semantics?

We warmed up for our “Nationalism” discussion by talking about how our Midterm predictions fared. Alexis Chapman’s prediction was the closest to the final outcome, while my prognostication that the Republicans would keep the House was clearly the least accurate!

Our conversation on Nationalism was spirited, as you would expect. Alexis Chapman’s view was that “Patriotism” is a better definition of what President Trump is trying to get at because Nationalism is a highly charged word since Europe’s experience with Hitler and Mussolini.

Ron Litchman gave some historical perspective of how European Nationalism was born and manifested itself, but disagreed that American Nationalism means the same thing. He believes that because we are a diverse people we a shared culture and values. He also argued for the exceptionalism of our values of individual liberty and rule of law.

Alexis Chapman said that our diversity and the changing culture is what she thinks is American’s shared culture and that each generation has to work to make our country better in attaining these ideals.

This was an interesting discussion because it clearly showed the divide in Americans’ philosophy of what brings us together. We agreed to disagree in the end, but I think that Ron and Alexis framed the argument beautifully.

In the end we disagreed on this topic, but did agree that it is up to all of us to do what we can for our country and make it better.

Enjoy the discussion!

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