Real #Politics With Real People #E6: Racism and Donald Trump

We discuss one subject a week with a panel of Political Storm Contributors.

Welcome back to Real #Politics With Real People. This show takes on one subject a week that will be discussed by a panel of Political Storm Contributors with diverse political opinions.


Ron Litchman "The Libertarian Light"

Egberto Willies "Politics Done Right"

Jason A/K/A "Three Patriots"


The question I posed to the panel was this: Has Donald Trump sufficiently condemned “White Nationalism?” If so, why does this interpretation of him persist? Is it real or is it an invention of the Left?

Should Donald Trump have a “Sister Soulja Moment?” Historical note: Since Bill Clinton called out Sister Souljah , a Black entertainer for her racism. This has become a symbol for politicians need to confront the extremes of their own base.

What followed was an interesting and provocative discussion. The most unexpected moment was Progressive, Egberto Willies’ comment that he is agnostic on whether or not President Trump is a racist, but he believes that he (Trump) is pandering to a white base and trying to raise their angst for his own political gain.

Three Patriots responded by wondering if both the Left and the Right don’t have a responsibility to call out the fringes of their own parties. Dog whistles are common on both sides.

We then discussed the issue of whether silence on an issue implies consent. Ron Litchman pointed out that in the past, silence was just silence and did not imply consent, but conceded that it is perceived to imply consent today.

We all agreed that good leadership means to go the extra mile and clearly state things for the people of America and to do so quickly when necessary. However, as Litchman and I pointed out, the President has a unique communication style and while it could always be better, it is what it is.

We all agreed that social media tends to magnify all of our differences.

We ended the discussion with our predictions of the mid-term elections.

Enjoy the video!

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How about that Midterm prediction?? ;)

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Philip Carino

my favorite show on Political Storm. So nice to hear intelligent discussion from all sides! So refreshing to the ears

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