Real #Politics With Real People #E5: Aftermath of Justice Kavanaugh Confirmation

We discuss one subject a week with a panel of Political Storm Contributors.

Welcome back to Real #Politics With Real People. This show takes on one subject a week that will be discussed by a panel of Political Storm Contributors with diverse political opinions.


What’s the impact of the Kavanaugh confirmation circus on the country and on your individual views? And in these divisive times, can we find any common ground?

Our panel is entirely made up of Political Storm contributors from across all party lines and ideologies.


Alexis Chapman

"The Libertarian Light" Ron Litchman

Egberto Willies of Politics Done Right

So this was a long and complex conversation that could have lasted 3 hours instead of just 1 (I try to keep this show to a half hour)! It was also a difficult discussion because all of us are from a different place on the political spectrum. From Left to Right, in order, it was Egberto, Alexis, Ron and myself. But, it’s the kind of thing Americans will have to do whatever the outcome of the midterms, I think.

In an effort to find common ground, we talked about free trade, regulations and a balance in policy between humanity vs. prosperity, infrastructure, what belongs in the “commons,” how to pay for new spending and finally, circled back to the Kavanaugh issues again rehashing the same old arguments.

One thing is clear, we had major philosophic differences! We staunchly defended and offered our views for consideration. It was frustrating indeed! However, we didn’t quit on trying to persuade and also to find a way to give ground. But, I am proud of us for making the effort and we will do it again.

Something that did come out of our talk was that maybe we should challenge the reasons for our opinions and maybe be a little more skeptical about our own views (thank you Alexis) and that it’s okay to change your opinion if you challenge it by listening to another way of looking at an issue (thank you Egberto). That’s actually a great first step!

Here’s the thing, while we all wring our hands about polarization, maybe there are real, honest differences in policy and approach between the Left and the Right. We do have to decide what America will be going forward, and there is nothing wrong with an open discussion about the future. However, the crux is how we go about this conversation.

One thing is sure; we will not survive the name-calling, hyperbole and violence we’ve seen in the last decade or so. I’m proud of our guests who are real patriots, for taking part in our show.

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