Progressivism Is Dead, Democratic Party Is Deader

Bernie Bros, Brogressives and whatever other failed memes that progressives choose to identify as are no longer relevant

The era of progressivism that failed the Democratic Party has suffered its’ most decisive death. 2016 has been a banner year that saw opposing polarized ideologies clash in a violent death match. Narcissistic political correctness vs. pragmatic realism. Traditional media vs. New media. Hollywood vs. blue collar America. Alt-Left Progressivism vs. Alt-Right Conservatism. This pivotal culture war was fought on the internet and the airwaves, but settled at the ballot box. After the recent political (and cyber) equivalent of The Battle Of Gettysburg, Liberal Progressivism is dead, and all that remains is the stench of its’ rotting corpse.

It gives me tremendous pleasure to see that this defeat has not yet penetrated the liberal echo chamber, where truth will always be treasonous. Skimming the comments section of liberal rags such as Huffington Post and Mother Jones, I see that these fools still believe that progressivism is the ultimate reality and future, and that all who fail to subscribe to this hive mentality are deemed morally inferior, subject to the scorn of the petulant cult that worships at the altar of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. They fail to see that they have become the cancer that has ultimately killed the Democratic Party. Their identity politics of inclusiveness have alienated more than they have included. They have become intolerable in the name of tolerance. By pandering to everybody, they have become palatable to nobody. It is the greatest irony of the Democratic Party, and this weakness has been exploited to death.

With regard to politics, what is “progressivism”, anyway? It is white-guilt and white-shaming, which alienates the traditional white middle class. It is pandering to Blacks and Hispanics by virtue of race-hustling and racial fear-mongering, constantly accusing everyone of being racist, which alienates level-headed people. It is coddling the Muslim culture that refuses to assimilate, which alienates everyone that has concerns about radical Islamic terrorism, such as educated LGBTQ’s. It is pandering to the LGBTQ wing, which alienates the Muslims. It is pandering to third-wave feminists, which alienates men and true feminists. Progressivism is the nauseatingly childish ideology that seeks to please everyone with a happy Disney ending full of blissful ignorance. It is a charade for the simple minded. It is the new opiate of the people.

Look at your so-called “champions”, progressives: Bernie Sanders, beaten by an establishment candidate. Hillary Clinton, decimated in the electoral college. Hillary supporters, openly weeping on viral videos. Elizabeth Warren, facing an upcoming bloodbath in the midterms. Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, atrocious SNL stars that bombed in the Ghostbusters remake. Anita Sarkeezian, an embarrassment to the video gaming community (she is largely responsible for the #gamergate fiasco). Huffington Post, no longer credible after an embarrassing 98.6% chance against Trump. Keith Ellison, outed for his anti-Semitism. Amy Schumer, on the embarrassing brink of Barbie’s inevitable box office failure (you think Sony would have learned their lesson after Ghostbusters!). Face it, Progressives…your “movement” is a cancer to everything it touches in Hollywood and in politics.

Now, idiots, take a look at what your noxiously suppressive fascism has created. Emperor god Trump is days away from claiming his rightful ultimate power. The establishment media has been permanently destroyed. The dark trolls of the internet have realized their power in the new and most effective form of protest: social media mass trolling. Milo Yiannopoulis is the new James Dean. The Alt Right (not as simple-minded chaplains perceive it) has taken the crowned jewel of Western Civilization, and is now poised to take France and Germany as well. Peter Thiel is the new Pirate of Silicon Valley. Breitbart is the new facebook. The Republicans have the House, the Senate, more governors, the Rust Belt, and soon, the Supreme Court.

It is just as Dark Helmet said to Lone Star: “Now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb”. Good is dumb to the point of arrogance, and it does not see its’ own flaws. Progressives continue to sob for what they believe is truly virtuous, not seeing the damage done by their own ideology. The stupidity doesn’t end there…this is exactly what the Alt Right and Donald Trump want. It is a $cientology technique known as “bull-baiting”. You make someone un-virtuous by baiting them until they lash out and expose themselves as suppressive. The more Progressives scream for more progressiveness and call Trump “Hitler”, or racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, or all the other usual charges levied by Progressives, then Trump and the Alt Right win. The bar has been set so low that Trump merely only has to fix the economy and immigration (both achievable goals) to clear the bar with room to spare, shaming his detractors.

But here’s the best part…for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The era of fascism and thought-crime under the banner of “progressivism” has ended, spawning the counter-revolution of “progressive-shaming” (I’m coining it “prog-flogging”). It has become the internet’s new favorite past-time to laugh at someone getting triggered by “Hugh Mungus” or a Hawaiin Hula Girl on a Lyft driver’s dashboard. The impressionable youth gravitate towards what is cool and abhor cringy behavior, and nothing is cooler than hating cringy progressivism. They watch Pewdiepie and Idubbbztv and LeafyIsHere, and they love the cynicism of pointing out the hypocrisy of boring hysterical progressivists. The hyper-liberalism of progressivism became so uncool that only stupid people subscribe to it, which is why progressivists always see themselves as victims. The new wave of conservatism will last at least 10 years thanks to the ineptness and lunacy of progressivists.

Their mourning in America is my Morning In America.


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