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Disclaimer: This is to serve as a modest rebuttal to Professor Joe Launie’s

Three articles on Kaepernick’s protest and is in no way meant to serve as a personal attack. I agree with the tasteful and passionate exchange of ideas at

It only took three articles, but Professor Joe Launie finally admitted to a personal bias regarding the Colin Kaepernick protest. It turns out the Professor feels a compulsory moral obligation to support the quixotic Colin Kaepernick because he received degrees from the same school Kaepernick played football (University of Nevada Reno). Although their experiences were decades apart and vastly different, PJL bizarrely views Kaepernick as some sort of embodiment of the school’s assigned characteristics.

I’ll keep this barb brief, but it is certainly all kinds of troubling to hear an experienced University Professor admit to viewing an issue with an open bias because of school loyalty. Some might even pause and wonder how on earth students can be fairly taught and challenged with new ideas when Professors openly demonstrate so much bias, but I think that’s really pushing it. Instead, my concern is that this type of bias infects most faculty at state universities, which is why college campuses are having so many problems with ideological diversity.

Moreover, PJL doesn’t seem to understand the Colin Kaepernick situation. At all. Firstly, it is a clickbait-driven situation. Each day since Colin Kaepernick opted out of the remaining year of his 120 million dollar contract with the 49ers, some athlete or some sports commentator has lazily tweeted support. Today it’s Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but as black sports commentator Jason Whitlock points out, if Rodgers really wanted Kaepernick to play, then he’d pull strings with the Packers. And all this nonsense achieves is filling airtime on dull sports radio shows and generating more garbage clickbait for and as it bounces around a left-leaning echo chamber.

PJL seems to be stuck on Kaepernick being “blackballed”. This is the very worst sort of intellectually devoid clickbait since it operates under such a biased assumption. At community college, I was taught to examine the facts, and there is too much football-related data to dispute the “blackball” conspiracy theory. There have been hundreds, maybe even thousands of articles suggesting Kaepernick is being blackballed, and many athletes and non-athletes speculating as such, but ultimately there is no hard proof. The 49ers went 1-15 last year, he’s had injuries, and he didn’t play well enough during his $120 million contract years. There are more than enough football-related reasons why teams are reluctant to pick him up, even as a backup. For a biased university Professor to ignore all the football data and simply reduce it to the color of the team owner’s skin is irresponsible and nefarious.

Then there’s the weakest part of Professor Joe Launie’s argument which suggests that the NFL “didn’t do enough” to support Kaepernick during his final year as a 49er. Total bollocks. The NFL at no point made any attempt to squash his protest, nor did they make any disparaging remarks about his protest. Here the biased Professor completely disregards the NFL allowing Kaepernick to not only protest the National Anthem, but also to wear police pig socks and to sympathize with murderous Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (in Miami, no less!). The NFL allowed Kaepernick to express all of his weird views with no repercussions whatsoever. If the NFL owners had tried to silence Kaepernick, that would have been cause for a legitimate grievance. What the biased Professor is really trying to say here is that he wanted the evil white NFL owners to choose a side and support Kaepernick. They didn’t do enough, Joe? I’m not buying it, Professor.

Then there’s the facts, selectively ignored by the Professor in favor of blackball conspiracy theories. The most inconvenient fact is that Colin Kaepernick decided to end his protest back in March. What happened? Kaepernick originally stated that the protest wouldn’t end until black people were no longer systematically oppressed. Did the election of President Trump cause Kaepernick to have a change of heart? Doubtful. The timeline of facts: Kaepernick starts protest during the preseason of his 4th year under contract. He knew in advance that he had lost his starting QB position to Blaine Gabbert and that the 49ers were going to cut him at the end of the season anyway (49ers GM John Lynch later confirmed all this), so Kaepernick ran a media-grabbing race-hustle and called it a protest. Once the season ended and Kaepernick opted-out (so as to avoid the humiliation of being cut), he ended the protest to make himself more appealing to other teams. It was all a sham to tug at the heartstrings.

I could go on and on, but I thought I’d end it with a double throat-cut. If the University of Nevada Reno reflects either the bias of Professor Joe Launie or the race-hustling of Colin Kaepernick, then they deserve each other. Tell me this, Professor: for all the lofty traits you imbued Kaepernick with because of your school bias, did you simply forget or selectively ignore the hypocrisy of the non-voting protestor? Between yourself and Kaepernick, only one of you voted.


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