Presidents for Prison

Can presidents ever go to prison? Well, it depends on the country.

Recently, I wrote about the corrupt deeds of America’s presidents of the last three and a half decades, which so greatly contributed to our nation’s decline into its current sorry state — one where a few plutocrats and their minions rake in all our nation’s wealth and roll the rest of us into the ditch. All those presidents rode off into the sunset with their loot.

This, then, is proud America – land of the free and home of the brave – and modern history’s global beacon of democratic hope. Apparently, the time when these words described our nation is a thing of the past and other countries are now showing us the way.

While our presidents and other high brass in politics and the business world seem to be untouchable by law and can defraud us with impunity, other countries impeach, prosecute, and even imprison their presidents and occasional CEOs for wrongdoings. And when I talk to people from those countries, they are quite perplexed when I can’t help but laugh at the comparatively small cases of corruption for which these bigwigs fall from grace.

Here are some of them:

  1. Alberto Fujimori, president of Peru from 1990 to 2000, ended his presidency by fleeing Peru for Japan amid a major scandal involving corruption and human rights violations, especially in connection with drug trafficking (and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the CIA, our big drug dealer). Somehow, he was cocky enough to let himself be captured later and now serves a prison sentence.
  2. Alejandro Toledo, Fujimori’s successor from 2001 to 2006, is now also being investigated and sought for corruption in office. Allegedly, he took a $20 million bribe in order to give a road-building contract to a Brazilian construction company. Maybe you can understand why a case like this, in the light of NAFTA, the Glass-Steagall repeal, the Gulf wars, torture, the Great Recession and bank bailouts (just to name a few things which have greatly wounded America and the world) makes me smirk, chuckle or laugh uncontrollably, though in a sad way, even as present Peruvians look at me in shock. Still, Peru deserves not one, but two, hat tips from us.
  3. Not long ago, Guatemala’s corrupt president Otto Pérez Molina was forced out of office and jailed over a multimillion-dollar customs fraud case. (I wonder if he is related to our new DNC chairman Tom Perez who is known for letting bankster crimes slide while in office).
  4. François Fillon, conservative French prime minister from 2007 to 2012, is currently having a hard time running for presidential candidate because of allegations that he employed family members as fake parliamentary aides for six figure incomes. As an American, with our kinds of top politicians, this – once again – only prompts a mild chuckle from me. Will there be an indictment? I can’t wait.
  5. South Korean President Park Geun-hye was recently successfully impeached and now removed from office by the country’s supreme court over accusations of extortion, bribery, abuse of power, and leaking government secrets. Maybe there we are getting a little closer to the caliber of our U.S. presidents. By the way, Samsung’s CEO and four other executives are also getting charged with bribery and embezzlement in connection with the president’s fall from grace.

If only we could have such justice in high places… (and I am not talking Donald Trump who has only just begun his misdeeds in office). I am talking about those who committed crime after crime against our country and humanity for all those years they were in office and have never been held accountable. If you need a little reminder, or some new-to-you information, in case your head has been sand-diving for decades or you are still very, very young, you may want to read my recent article: Stop The Thieves! – The Raid of America.

Friends, with all the left-versus-right or resist-Trump hoopla you are being fed these days, please keep your sights fixed on our huge wealth and income inequality, rising poverty, and corrupted democracy. These are our true problems. Once we solve them, we can have better lives again and, maybe, even prosecute crooks in high places, the way other countries do. To get there, though, we mustn’t let the political fraudsters in our country distract and co-opt us by driving us into the “left” or “right” or “conservative” or “liberal” camps anymore, where we then vote for corrupt GOP or DP politicians, turning a blind eye to the corruption of those we deem to be in our own camp, thus being made to endlessly run in circles and support the false candidates the establishment parades in front of us and places on our ballots. We need to unite behind a joint anti-corruption platform and clean house rigorously. That must be our unshakable goal, no matter what parties or organizations we affiliate with.