Port Askaig, Steve vs Larry Elder, Papa John’s and Stormy Arrested

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Steve and Jim sample two offerings from the Port Askaig Scotch Distillery and talk about Steve's twitter exchange with Larry Elder and Orrin Hatch regarding the impacts of slavery and the SCOTUS. We also talk about Papa John's former CEO John Schnatter dropping an N-Bomb in a teleconference and the arrest of Stormy Daniels in Columbus and the bigger picture associated with politics and policing. Enjoy. Please give us a rating on iTunes and feel free to reach out to us on Twitter: @whiskeycongress or email us at:



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Whiskey Congress
Whiskey Congress


For us a guy like Alex Jones is such a caricature of a real news media personality sometimes we have to appreciate the insanity. Jim's a comic and weird things humor the shit out of me so we discuss. We know the more we talk about it him, the more it drives people to him, but for us sometimes its hard not to laugh and sometimes we like to share it with those who listen. Thank you for listening btw.

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Glad you moved away from Alex. There are still many like him, case in point John Schnatter. He created a toxic culture for Papa Johns