Political Storm Baseball

Baseball season is upon us, but who would you chose for your political baseball team?

The end of February is on the horizon, which means one thing; Baseball season is upon us. America’s pastime kicked off already with the opening weekend of NCAA Baseball, while MLB Spring Training games will start this weekend. With this in mind, let’s play a little game of Political Storm baseball.

Imagine, if you will, that you are the owner of a political baseball team and you were trying to assemble the best “players” for your team, who would it be? When the other team lobs a ball up to the outfield, who do you got that will chase it down and get the out? Who do you have bringing the heat from the mound when the game is on the line in the bottom of the 9th? Using the instructions for each position, leave your team in the comments below. We will compile them and make a fun chart out of them once everyone has given their teams. Don’t forget to give your team a name!

When choosing your team, remember that each person on the field contributes in different ways:

Pitcher: consistent and calm under pressure, but can bring the heat when the stakes are high.

Catcher: leads the team in all aspects, is a workhorse and tough

First Base: flexible, can clean up a bad throw by other teammates, strong hitter

Second Base: Fast and Quick thinking

Short Stop: quick on their feet, strong arm, leader of the infield

Third Base: Quick reactions, strong arm and strong hitter

Left Field: Fast, able to track down hard hits, usually a strong hitter

Center Fielder: leader of the outfield, covers the most ground in the shortest amount of time, strong arm

Right Field: Strong arm and strong bat.

Manager/Coach: rarely seen, but leader of the team, makes decisions that affect everyone, cool headed

Rules: Your team can be made up of politicians, political pundits, journalists, other media members, etc., but they must be alive and not retired from their profession. For example, you cannot use Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton as a player.

Who do you got that will perform when the lights turn on?


No. 1-7
Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Pitcher-Paul Ryan, Catcher-Chris Mathews, First Base- Barrack Obama, Second Base: Laura Ingraham, SS- Adam Schiff, 3B- Devin Nunes, LF- Sean Hannity, CF Nikki Haley, RF-Tucker Carlson, Manager- Brit Hume. Utility: Joe Biden-great in the clubhouse.

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Ok- weighing in:



Ok, here are my picks from a bipartisan standpoint (just for you Jon). These are people I think do the best fighting for their causes, even if I may disagree with their causes.

Pitcher: Trey Gowdy
Catcher: Bill O’Reilly
First Base: Joe Biden
Second Base: Jon Stewart
Short Stop: Ben Shapiro
Third Base: Paul Gigot
Left Field: Nikki Haley
Center Field: Rand Paul
Right Field: Cenk Uygur
Manager: Karl Rove
Utility: Paul Krugman
And just for the fun of it, Bat Boy/Girl: Nancy Pelosi

Pat Greer
Pat Greer


Going at this like a men's softball team because some people play multiple roles....Jake Tapper for the Pitcher. Catcher will be John Stuart. Short Stop Bill O'Reilly, Manager/Coach will be Obama . Left Field Alex Jones, Center Field will be George Carlin, Third Base will be Chris Rock, Second Base will be Ben Shapiro, GM will be Jordan PEterson, And the rest of the team will consist of Joe Rogan, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump. Yes, I know...but these are utility players that can fill a roll if needed to. We trying to win right?