Passing the Blame

It’s both sad and funny how so many people are twisting and turning to pass blame for Trump’s victory over Hillary.

Some, for example, try to blame Jill Stein’s candidacy even though one good look at the reported vote counts proves that Stein did not come anywhere close to accounting for Trump’s 58 electoral votes victory, even if one wrongly assumes that all Stein voters would have otherwise voted for Hillary. The real secret behind Trump’s 58 more electoral votes, when Hillary actually has a 1% lead in the popular vote, is our archaic Electoral College which lends itself to very effective election theft when a few strategically-placed minor vote miscounts or voter suppressions (or simply the old game of gerrymandering) greatly amplifies into all of a district’s or state’s electoral votes going to a single candidate.

Now, considering how many former Sanders supporters vowed to vote Green, I strongly suspect that election theft was also used against Jill Stein, namely to prevent the Green Party from officially reaching 5% of the reported vote this year (since the establishment wants to keep the Green Party off the 2020 ballots at all costs). Therefore, the real vote count could have made more of a difference than the reported one. But as long as we accept the reported count, Jill’s votes made no difference.

We also mustn’t forget that there was another third party with a higher reported vote count than that of the Greens, and Gary Johnson’s voters’ alternative would have been Trump, not Hillary, considering who Libertarians normally align with. So, at least according to the reported votes, Johnson “hurt” Trump far more than Stein “hurt” Hillary. So, let’s forget about the third party spoiler excuse for Hillary’s defeat. We need to build a much stronger Green Party to have this kind of a spoiler effect. By the way, I think this would be a good idea. The “Democratic” Party might then take us voters seriously again, you see?

Other truth warpers blame Sanders because he ran a successful campaign against Hillary in the primaries. So… you don’t want any democratic participation from us voters in the selection of the “Democratic” nominee, establishment? Is that it? All I can say to this is, “We hold these truths to be self evident, …”

Others blame protest voters or those millions of voters who were so disgusted this year that they didn’t vote at all. Hey, listen up. Don’t whine when we voters punish the DNC’s election theft in the primaries or when we turn away in disgust from a false choice between the two most unpopular candidates in history. Punishment where punishment is due! Don’t grumble when we punish the establishment politicians for decades of squeezing the life out of us, either. You want our votes? Then behave like real public servants!

It’s all silly. Please stop joining this silly blame game, everybody, because we never learn from our mistakes if we scapegoat others. Hillary simply lost because she was too deplorable – to use one of Her [sic] words – for enough decent people to vote for her. That’s all there is to it.

When you realize that about half of all Americans are now living in or near poverty, and that many luckier ones worry about slipping down to this level themselves, it takes no genius to figure out that the majority of voters won’t knowingly and willingly risk four (or eight!) more years under the thumb of a corporatist president. Hillary was well known to be a corporatist, whereas Trump could at least pretend not to be. End of story.

In conclusion, election theft was the only way Hillary’s loss could have been prevented, the same way it was prevented during the primaries. However, in November, the GOP joins the game of stealing elections, and they’ve had a lot of practice with it. While the Republican and “Democratic” Parties both work for the oligarchs like a right and left arm, they are nevertheless two different gangs, each full of their own corrupt members hoping for the biggest piece of loot they can get for themselves. That’s why the two parties don’t work well together, even as they both work for their billionaire paymasters.

And thus here is the pic I made back in July when the DNC strong-armed Bernie Sanders out of the nomination:

In other words, we got Trump because the DNC nominated unpopular Hillary over popular Bernie. There’s even a recent poll confirming this very reasonable conclusion.

Look, folks, if you are already living in or near poverty or slipping towards it, or if the decline of liberty and justice in our society is giving you bad dreams, please don’t waste time on blame games. It’s time to wake up and kick the corporatists out of their offices! The latter sure didn’t happen with the congressional seats this November 8th, even though we did have authentic candidates for those. Let’s wake everybody up, do our homework, and clean house. No more excuses and blame games, please!


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